High-Performance Gearsets for Enhanced Vehicle Drivetrain Efficiency

If you want to upgrade your car’s transmission to enhance its performance but can’t afford a complete, custom-built, race-car gearbox, consider getting the next best thing: a custom “drop-in” replacement gearset here at Car Mods Australia.

Car Mods Australia has various performance gearbox upgrade options for various cars. We source them from established aftermarket performance gearbox manufacturers with a proven track record, like PPGearbox .

Automakers endeavour to manufacture manual car transmissions that satisfy a broad range of driving needs and applications. Most equip their manual transmission vehicles with H-pattern, synchromesh, or helical-tooth manual gearboxes. These offer smooth gear shifts, quiet operation, and the durability expected of modern daily-driver gearboxes but may be slower to respond than you would like when racing or driving spiritedly at your local race track.

Our custom “drop-in” replacement gearsets make outstanding performance gearbox upgrades and come in handy when working with a tight budget. You won’t need to add mods like custom gearbox cross-members, bell housings, or tail shift kits when installing them. They are designed to utilize your car’s OEM gearbox casing, drivetrain components, and electronic shift management system. Therefore, you are bound to spend much less on a gearset than on a complete racing gearbox system upgrade.

Explore Our Range of Car Gearsets in Australia

CarMods Australia has DSG-DCT, H-Pattern, and Sequential gearset options for a wide range of vehicles on the Australian market. Our H-Pattern gearsets are available in synchromesh or dogbox options, which can be had with helical- or straight-cut tooth profiles. Our aftermarket gearsets are vehicle specific, meaning they are designed to perfectly match the size and capacity specifications of the vehicles they are meant for. Our gearsets have high horsepower and torque capacities and can be used on street and race cars. They have also been optimized to deliver easy shifting and seamless operation.

If you are unsure about which performance gearset you should choose for your daily driver or custom-built race car, call our modding specialists. You can reach them at (07) 5610 2123.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Gearsets

Must my car’s ECU be tuned to accommodate or take full advantage of an aftermarket gearset?

Yes, you must get an expert in ECU calibration to help you retune your car’s ECU to recognize and work with the new gearset. Therefore, it is best not to DIY this upgrade. Once you purchase the gearset kit, get a trustworthy, professional auto shop experienced in performance gearbox upgrades to do the installation.

Will a gearset upgrade change my car’s driving characteristics?

Because a performance gearset is designed to function with a car’s stock ECU, it won’t change its original driving characteristics. All that will change is how the car shifts gears.

How long do these performance gearsets last?

With the correct transmission oil and the appropriate number of oil changes, our gearsets can last the life of your car.

Can replacement gearsets cause my car’s drivetrain components to malfunction or break down?

As a consequence of enhancing your car’s performance, an aftermarket replacement gearset is bound to place a greater strain on all your gearbox’s adjoining parts. So expect your car’s drivetrain components to wear a bit faster.

Do these performance replacement gearsets use regular transmission oil?

No. Each gearset has its transmission oil specifications, so be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What causes gearboxes or gearsets to fail?

In many cases, gearboxes fail because of excess or overhung loads, improper alignment, contamination, and poor lubrication.

77 Products Found

77 Products Found