Your street/race car’s sway bar(s) cannot effectively fulfill their functions without the help of end-links and mounts. Car Mods Australia (CMA) has gone to great lengths to offer an exhaustive selection of end-links and mounts produced by top-rated aftermarket auto part/accessory manufacturers in Australia and around the world.

Your car’s front and rear sways are like big springs that help to decrease weight transfer from one side of your car to the other when cornering, and it is your car’s end-links that connect the ends of these sway bars to your car’s suspension system, keeping them taut. Your car’s sway bar mounts, on the other hand, are bolted onto the car’s chassis, so they hold your sway bars in place. Many of these mounts incorporate polyurethane inner linings to allow the sway bars to flex and react to the movement of the car. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with end-link/mount upgrades.



The end-links and mounts that you can get here on Car Mods Australia are made from high-strength alloys which eliminate the flex that may be experienced with factory-installed products; therefore, they increase sway bar effectiveness. Also, many of our end-links and mounts come with warranties.


We at Car Mods Australia have over 5,000 aftermarket end-links and mounts at our warehouse. We keep replenishing our stocks of end-links and mounts so you’ll always have plenty of choice when shopping at CMA. We work with many shipping companies like TOLL IPEC, TNT, and Australia Post, so we can deliver these products to any location here in Australia, regardless of how remote it is. In addition, we have a favorable returns and refunds policy.



Car Mods Australia offers one of the widest selections of aftermarket automotive products in Australia. Over 200 locally and globally recognized automotive product manufacturers have licensed us to sell their automotive products, and we currently have over 250,000 products at our warehouse, ready for shipping. Therefore, we are equipped to meet all your automotive needs. Our friendly and dedicated customer support team is always on hand to offer guidance and respond to inquiries.

691 Products Found

691 Products Found