If you're looking to get a durable suspension for your car, then SuperPro Suspension is the way to go. These automotive polyurethane suspension bushings are designed for all types of cars, including 4x4 offroad vehicles.

The company is based in Brisbane, and it has been producing high-quality auto parts since 1983. Their amazing SuperPro Bushes were released in 1985, and they are still one of the most popular suspension components on the market. With over 40 years of experience in suspension production, their latest products are made to last and outperform the most similar products in the same price range.


CMA offers dozens of SuperPro Australia products including state-of-the-art adjustable control arms sway bars, anti-lift kits, roll centre kits, and other products suitable for over 500 different vehicles. SuperPro Polyurethane Bushings are one of the most popular products made by this company as they provide several benefits.

That includes better handling, increased safety, improved tire wear, improved fuel efficiency, and a better-performing car overall. These products are a result of decades of testing and perfecting in the harshest conditions in Australia. They are made to be super durable, and all of the materials used in the manufacturing process can withstand anything mother nature has to throw at them.


When compared to standard rubber bushings, Superpro poly bushes proved to be much more effective in all categories. They boost performance, increase service life, and provide the best value for the money.

The reason why Superpro suspension works best is because of the materials used in their production. They are made to cope with the harshest weather, without sacrificing any performance. They outperform all standard bushings, and they can be used in strut bars, radius rods, and trailing arm locations.


SuperPro catalogue also offers dozens of different control and radius arms for hundreds of vehicle types. All of the parts from this Australian manufacturer are made from aluminum alloy, and their flexibility adds more control and better handling. When used with premium bushings, they reduce abrasion and improve temperature resistance and harshness.

Many parts made by this company come with a lifetime guarantee, and all of them are engineered in Australia. If you are looking to get the best suspension with responsive control, and an after-pay for car parts, look no further!


Buying aftermarket car parts is always a good idea, especially if the manufacturer offers custom bushings. All of the parts available in the store work with all SuperPro bushings and can be used in different cars. These bush kits come in many different shapes and sizes, designed to be able to fit on most cars on the road.

They are especially useful for people living in areas with a lot of bumpy roads, as they improve stability and control. The Superpro bush kits are a revolutionary product sold all over the globe. You can get your carports after paying and make your car safer and better. Contact us and check the entire offer today.


How do SuperPro products enhance vehicle performance?

SuperPro products are designed to replace factory rubber components with advanced polyurethane materials. This leads to improved suspension responsiveness, better handling, reduced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), and enhanced overall driving experience.

What benefits do SuperPro polyurethane bushings offer over OEM rubber bushings?

SuperPro's polyurethane bushings offer improved durability, better resistance to wear and tear, enhanced resilience, and reduced deflection. This results in improved suspension geometry, better handling, and prolonged component life.

Are SuperPro products suitable for both street and track applications?

Yes, SuperPro products are versatile and cater to both street and track enthusiasts. Their components provide performance benefits while maintaining comfort for daily driving.

Can I install SuperPro suspension products myself, or should I seek professional help?

The ease of installation varies depending on the specific component. While some SuperPro products may be suitable for DIY installation, others might require professional expertise for optimal fitment and performance.

4404 Products Found

4404 Products Found