Suspension Bushes

As you enhance your car's suspension with lowering springs, coilovers, sway bars, or dampening controllers, don't forget to get aftermarket suspension bushes.

Suspension bush upgrades will enable you to fully realize the benefits of any suspension upgrades you add to your car and refine your car's driving dynamics. We at Car Mods Australia can meet the needs of your suspension bushes car. We have been selling suspension bushes and many other suspension upgrades for years. The brands we feature are trusted and highly reputed; you won't go wrong with them. 

Suspension bushes are elastic accessories fitted between moving suspension parts to prevent friction, control joint movements, and reduce noise, vibration, and harshness. When your car's suspension bushes are worn or cracked, its metallic suspension parts rub against each other, causing vibrations, unsettled braking, and steering issues while you are driving. Worn-down suspension bushes may also worsen ride comfort and cause uneven tire wear. Therefore, you will do well to upgrade your car's suspension bushes, especially if they haven't been replaced in several months or years. 

If you have enhanced your car's performance, you also need to upgrade your suspension bushes because your car's stock suspension bushes are designed to handle your car's stock performance. With higher performance levels, they will wear faster and ultimately fail to deliver the required cushioning that your performance-enhanced car needs. Factory-installed suspension bushes are made from rubber. However, our aftermarket suspension bushes are made from robust polyurethane material, which is tougher and more durable. 


Explore Our Range of Car Bushes Online in Australia  

We at Car Mods Australia have different types of suspension bushes, e.g., control arm bushes, shock absorber bushes, sway bar bushes, and leaf spring bushes (for vehicles with leaf-spring suspension systems). They are available in universal or vehicle-specific options, so you are guaranteed to find a set that fits your application perfectly.

Do not hesitate to contact our modding specialists if you need help with your suspension bushes car needs. You can call them at (07) 5649 8778. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What accelerates the wearing out or failing of suspension bushes?

Driving habits that increase strain or stress on suspension joints can significantly accelerate suspension bush failure. These include harsh off-road driving or driving with plus-size tires.   


How long do polyurethane suspension bushes last?

In ideal situations, polyurethane bushes can last the car's entire life.

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125 Products Found