Suspension Subframes

Car subframes may not be as popular as coilovers, lowering springs, and shocks when it comes to suspension upgrades, but their role in improving a car's driving dynamics is just as significant. 

Car subframe upgrades can positively affect a car's handling, ride quality/comfort, and durability. Car Mods Australia is equipped to meet all your aftermarket subframe car needs.

We have high-quality car subframe offerings from established performance suspension component manufacturers. Our subframes have been exhaustively tested for strength and durability, so rest assured that they will last a long while, even with heavy track use.

A car subframe is a structural unit mounted onto a car's core unit-body or body-on-frame structure to spread chassis loads over a larger area or serve as a mounting point for vehicle components like engines and steering systems.

Aftermarket car subframes are built using high-grade materials like 4130 Steel (Chromoly), stronger than those used on stock car subframes. Thus, they help to reduce chassis flex. The more you stiffen your car's chassis using aftermarket subframes, the more you restrict its suspension loads to its springs and shocks, which results in sharper handling and improved launching capability.   


Explore Our Range of Car Suspension Subframes Online in Australia  

Car Mods Australia has car subframe offerings for street-performance and professional racing/motorsport applications. Because of their superior materials, our subframes are substantially lighter than OEM subframes. These weight savings are bound to improve your car's performance. Our subframes are also designed to replace OEM subframes directly. We have front subframes, rear subframes, subframe tie bars, transmission subframes and cross members, tower braces, and more.

Our modding specialists are well-versed in how to choose and install aftermarket car subframes. They are ready to answer all your subframe car questions. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do aftermarket car subframes last?

An aftermarket car subframe is built to last the life of your car. It is made from high-grade, reinforced materials, which will do a better job of resisting rust and damage than those of OEM car subframes.


What causes subframe damage?

Rust is one of the leading causes of subframe damage. When rustproofing is not done, it slowly sets in and eats into a car's subframe. Thankfully, our aftermarket subframes are made from rust-resistant materials, so you won't have to worry about it. Another cause of subframe damage is high-speed collisions.


Why is it important for a subframe to have bushings?

Subframe bushings cushion a subframe's connections and joints, helping to isolate road noise, vibrations, and harshness. Therefore, they enhance ride comfort.


Is it worth it to replace a car suspension subframe?

Yes! Subframe replacement guarantees a highly rigid chassis that feels more solid and composed on the road. It also improves handling and cornering stability, which will inspire driving confidence. Another reason why it is worth it to replace your car subframes is that it will ensure your safety on the road. Subframes can weaken over time due to rust, wear and tear, or damage from collisions or hitting curbs/potholes, so replacing a subframe can prevent the dangers of broken subframes.    


What People Also Ask?

Are subframe upgrades expensive?

It depends on the type and brand of the subframe upgrade. For example, a transmission subframe can cost less than $1,000, but front and rear subframes may cost between $1,500 and $3,000.


Is it possible to drive with a cracked/broken subframe?

Yes, it is possible. Many people with vehicles that have broken subframes take a while before realizing it. They may notice impeded performance, loose steering and poor handling, unnatural alignment, and increased body roll. When left unattended, a broken subframe can cause damage to extend to connected chassis components, resulting in much costlier repair bills down the road.


Must a professional technician replace a car subframe?

Because of the sensitive nature of a subframe's role, it is best to let professional technicians install your new subframe for you.


How long does it take to replace a car subframe?

Expect the entire subframe installation process to take 4-8 hours.

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47 Products Found