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Upgrading your car’s front mount intercooler is a step in the right direction if you are looking for ways to improve its performance significantly, but don’t stop there.

Your upgraded front-mount intercooler’s effectiveness is likely to be impeded by your car’s stock intercooler piping. Our aftermarket intercooler piping kits will enhance the cooling of the air that flows into your engine’s intake manifold and unlock even more horsepower. We at Car Mods Australia have the perfect intercooler piping kits for your application. You are also welcome to our selection of over 300,000 additional automotive products, all made by established aftermarket product manufacturers.

Intercooler pipes channel hot, compressed air from a car’s turbocharger(s) into its intercooler and then carry the cooled air that passes out of the intercooler to the car’s intake manifold. Thus, depending on the application, intercooler pipes can be exposed to extreme temperatures and high boost pressures. Rubber or plastic stock/OEM intercooler pipes tend to expand and weaken over time as they are continually exposed to the above, even more so in cars with upgraded turbochargers or other performance mods. In addition, stock intercooler piping tends to have slim pipe diameters and restrictive bends, which hinder airflow, resulting in pressure loss and subdued performance.     

Our aftermarket intercooler piping kits are the solution. Their pipes have larger diameters and fewer bends designed with increased bend radiuses. Thus, these pipes deliver superior airflow while minimizing pressure loss, resulting in improved engine response and higher horsepower figures.


Explore Our Range of Car Intercooler Piping Kits Online in Australia    

Car Mods Australia has a wide range of intercooler piping kits made from pressure- and heat-resistant materials like aluminum, steel, or silicone, so you are assured of their durability and safety. These piping kits have also been tested extensively in real-world applications, so rest assured that they will function as promised.

We at Car Mods Australia have modding specialists who can help you choose the intercooler piping kit for your vehicle. They can also answer any questions you may have about the products we have. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does performance intercooler piping add horsepower?

They don’t create it but help or facilitate its creation. Therefore, you will likely see notable HP increments when you match an aftermarket intercooler piping kit with an intercooler upgrade.

How long do performance intercooler pipes last?

They can last the entire life of your car.

132 Products Found

132 Products Found