Injen Technology

Injen Technology is a high-rated aftermarket performance product manufacturer based in Pomona, CA that is committed to offering innovatively designed and highly effective automotive products.

The company’s story started in 1988 when Ron Delgado, a young entrepreneur, decided to take his car polishing business to the next level. His commitment to improving his polishing business offerings eventually led to the design and manufacture of additional automotive products like high-quality air induction products for the aftermarket. Since then, Injen Technology has made leaps and bounds in the development of relevant performance mods, largely for compact sport cars. These products are made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and all of them have been extensively tested for durability, reliability, and effectiveness.   

Here are some of the products that Injen Technology is offering currently:


Injen Technology’s X-Pedal Pro Black Edition throttle controller helps to eliminate the delayed throttle response that many car manufacturers program into their vehicles to enhance reliability and to keep carbon dioxide emissions low. With the X-Pedal Pro Black Edition throttle controller, your vehicle will respond much quicker to throttle inputs. This will result in quicker acceleration and a livelier driving experience.   



Injen Technology excels in the design and manufacture of performance air filters owing to its long history in street performance and racing. It fits its line of air filters with either an 8-layer cotton gauze oiled cotton gauze with exclusive filter oil, or with its SuperNano-Web high-flow base media with an oil-free Nano membrane. Both options trap dirt and debris effectively while ensuring maximum air flow.



The Injen Technology intercoolers have been fastidiously TIG-welded by hand with cast end tanks and CNC-machined aluminum fittings. They are vehicle specific, so they fit perfectly. Thanks to their higher core volume, these intercoolers cool larger volumes of air quicker, ensuring you of a way denser air/fuel mixture in the combustion chambers of your engine.



Injen Technology’s SES exhaust systems deliver considerable power gains with thrilling exhaust notes. They are made from pure T-304 stainless steel for guaranteed longevity and superior corrosion resistance, and they also feature mandrel-bent tubing for smooth, unrestricted airflow. All the flanges are CNC machined to ensure a tight fit. 

Injen Technology also manufactures precision TIG-welded Headers with near equal length, mandrel-bent tubes made from pure T-304 stainless steel. They feature CNC-machined aluminum flanges to ensure leak-free seals, and they are also designed to use all factory mounting points and to retain all factory sensors. 



The Injen Technology air intake systems deliver remarkable horsepower and torque gains and more aggressive and throaty engine tones right out of the box (they do not require any aftermarket tuning). These bolt-on mods are made from T6-6061 aluminum and feature mandrel-bent intake tubing for smooth, unhindered air flow.  The Injen cold air intake systems are available in several grades, namely the Evolution sealed air intakes, the IS performance short ram air intakes, the PF cold air intakes, the RD Series performance cold air intakes, and the SP series cold air intakes.


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549 Products Found

549 Products Found