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If you are thinking about cranking up your engine’s performance by adding mods that will increase the amount of heat or pressure in its hoses, then you ought to buy a silicone hose here at CarMods Australia. Silicone hoses are purposefully designed for racing applications.

They are highly flexible, so they won’t split, crack, deform or explode when passing fluids under high pressures. They can handle burst pressures of even up to 348psi. Also, unlike rubber hoses that tend to harden with time, silicon hoses maintain their flexibility throughout their lifetime. You also won’t need to keep replacing them because they will outlast your race car. Therefore, their higher upfront cost shouldn’t detour you; they will ultimately be cheaper to own in the long run.

Another reason why you ought to use our silicone hoses in your high-performance project car is that they will be able to cope with extreme temperatures.
Count on them to handle temperatures that range from as low as -40 degrees C to as high as +180 degrees C. Silicone hoses are also resistant to environmental factors like UV rays, rain, snow, and humidity, so they won’t weaken when exposed to the elements.     

Call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778 if you want to buy a silicone hose. Our silicone hose specialists will tell you all about the different silicone hose options that we can provide; they will also provide installation guidance.


Explore Our Range of Silicone Hoses Australia

Our hand-made silicone hoses have been carefully designed and cured to perfection, and most of them come with lifetime warranties. They are available in 2-ply, 3-ply, and 4-ply options. They include 23-degree elbows, 45-degree elbows, 45-degree reducer elbows, 67-degree elbows, 90-degree elbows, 90-degree reducer elbows, double hump hoses, straight short/medium/long hoses, hose tees, and many more.


Frequently Asked Questions :

What should silicone hoses be used for?

They should be used for carrying coolant or air; not gasoline or oil.


Must you use special cleaning products when cleaning silicone hoses?

No. Just regular soap and water will be sufficient.


Do silicone hoses improve a vehicle’s performance?

No. However, they can carry air and fluids at much higher temperatures than rubber. They also dampen vibrations and sounds, making a race car sound more composed.  

325 Products Found

325 Products Found