Enhance Vehicle Stability with Premium Suspension Bracing Solutions

Car enthusiasts and motorsport professionals have used chassis braces to enhance the driving dynamics of their cars for many years. We at Car Mods Australia have many types of chassis braces on offer, all produced by top-rated automotive product manufacturers based in Australia and other parts of the world. We specialize in car mods that improve both the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Chassis braces have one primary function: stiffening a car’s chassis. The less rigid your car’s chassis is, the more it bends and flexes when braking/accelerating hard or when cornering or making maneuvers. It may also flex in reaction to the twisting forces caused by your car’s engine and transmission.

Chassis flex negatively affects a car’s handling capabilities because it interferes with the functioning of the car’s suspension system and also because it causes unpredictable shifting of the car’s weight. Braces help to reduce chassis flex. A stiffened chassis feels more solid, more stable, and more controllable.

Also, a stiffened chassis delivers flatter cornering and better weight distribution, so it also yields reduced body roll and better traction through corners. A stiffened chassis also provides a more solid foundation for your car’s suspension system, enabling the suspension system to react faster and with improved precision for sharper and more responsive handling.


Car Mods Australia offers several types of chassis braces, one of them being strut braces/bars. Strut bars are most effective in cars with MacPherson-strut suspension systems. These highly rigid bars firmly join the left and right strut towers in a car, causing driving forces to be distributed across both towers, counteracting chassis flex. We also offer rear member side power braces, lower control arm braces, rear trunk power braces, Type I lower subframe rear braces, and many more. We have over two thousand chassis braces of different local and international brands on offer.

Different Types of Car Bracing Solutions

The world of car bracing is diverse, with various solutions designed to address specific areas of the chassis. Some of the popular options include:

Strut Bars: Positioned across the top of the engine bay, strut bars connect the strut towers, reducing flex and improving front-end rigidity.

Lower Control Arm Braces: These are designed to enhance the rigidity of the lower front or rear suspension components, ensuring better alignment and handling.

Rear Trunk Power Braces: Positioned in the trunk area, these braces enhance rear-end rigidity, especially beneficial for rear-wheel-drive vehicles.


With our vast selection of these braces, you will get chassis braces for your car that align with your modding objectives. CMA is constantly growing its network of auto-part suppliers and manufacturers, so you can always count on having plenty of choice for any automotive product when shopping here on our website. We at CMA also ship these parts quickly using established and trusted shipping companies like TOLL IPEC, TNT, and Australia Post, so you are unlikely to experience any shipping issues. We also have a team of modding experts on hand to offer guidance where it is needed.

For automobile enthusiasts and performance-driven individuals, aftermarket car bracing presents an enticing option. These braces are designed with high-performance materials and precision engineering, ensuring maximum rigidity and optimal handling. Whether you're into motorsport or simply enjoy spirited weekend drives, upgrading to aftermarket car bracing can transform your driving experience.


What is the primary purpose of suspension bracing in a vehicle?

Suspension bracing is designed to enhance the rigidity of a car's chassis, reducing flex and ensuring better handling, especially during hard cornering, braking, or accelerating.

How does suspension bracing improve my car's performance?

By reducing chassis flex, suspension bracing ensures that the vehicle's weight is distributed more evenly. This leads to flatter cornering, reduced body roll, and improved traction, enhancing overall driving dynamics.

Are there different types of chassis braces available?

Yes, there are various types of chassis braces, including strut bars, rear member side power braces, lower control arm braces, and rear trunk power braces, among others. The type you need depends on your vehicle and performance goals.

How do I know if my car needs suspension bracing?

If you're looking to improve your car's handling, especially for motorsport or spirited driving, suspension bracing can be a valuable addition. However, it's best to consult with a professional to determine the right bracing for your specific needs.

2935 Products Found

2935 Products Found