MCA Suspension

MCA Suspension has been making the best coilover suspension systems that have proved themselves over and over again in performance, comfort, and durability. Its specialty is high-end custom suspension for streetcars, rally cars, and more.

When Josh Murray started MCA back in 1991, his aim was to get back to the basics of making superior coilover suspensions. His idea was genius because MCA has seen cars at the Australian Time Attack podium for more than 5 consecutive years.

Top Custom Suspension Setups in Australia

The Coote family has been in motorsport for decades, with Murray being a renowned champion in his day. They not only make and design their own suspension systems, but the family also builds custom cars for the track. When you buy custom MCA Suspension, you get comprehensive expertise covering the full suspension setup.

If you’re looking for bespoke suspension systems, MCA makes the best custom systems in Australia for a wide range of vehicle models such as Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Ford, and more. Each of the suspensions is designed by experts from MCA and built by hand to ensure maximum performance and comfort. As a family with a rich and enthusiastic heritage in racing, you can trust MCA’s eye for quality.

MCA Street Essentials Coilover Springs

The MCA Street Essentials is designed for maximum comfort for street vehicles. While maintaining maximum quality and top quality workmanship, they are carefully orientated for handling, ride comfort, and custom adjustability. 

For the driver who wants maximum luxury and comfort in their streetcar, the street essentials kit is just perfect. You get the sweet spot for both performance and comfort at great pricing, guaranteeing maximum value.

MCA Street Performance Series

For the more spirited drivers who like to push the limits on the highway, the MCA Elite Street Performance series is perfect for improved grip, handling, and stability. This series is carefully designed and adjusted for a more secure feel on the road, allowing you to also take the car for part-time track racing when the speed bug bites.

The street essentials kit does not neglect comfort either - you will love the soft comfort at any speeds, although it may not be as lux as the street essentials kit. However, you can adjust the ride height, damper, and camber for a uniquely exhilarating street driving experience.

MCA Coilovers Complete Range

The most advanced suspensions even in race track cars lack in the very basics of the vehicle suspension. Coilover springs are one of the best suspension technologies. Done right, it can give you a noticeable edge on the track and on the highway. MCA Coilover suspensions are done right, always.

The complete range of coilovers covers street applications, racing applications, and various blends of both including Street Blues, Street Ultimate, Race Prime, and Race Reds. With custom valving and fine-tuning, the latter two offer the best in racing performance.

Order MCA Suspension Australia

CarMods Australia proudly brings you the full range of MCA Suspension in Australia. Looking to upgrade your car’s suspension to world-class standards? Order your MCA Coilover Suspension today for prompt and reliable delivery anywhere in Australia.

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