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If your OEM heat shield isn’t as effective at preventing intercooler heat soak as you would want, you will do well to buy an aftermarket heat shield like the ones we have here at CarMods Australia.

You should also consider getting one when you upgrade your car’s turbo or boost its performance. We at CarMods Australia have race-spec heat shields for various vehicles and applications. They are made by highly-rated auto part manufacturers that prioritize quality and durability.

As its name suggests, a turbo heat shield’s primary purpose is to serve as a heat barrier. It is designed to surround your car’s turbocharger and shut in the heat it produces, preventing it from heating your engine bay to dangerous levels. The exhaust gases that drive your turbocharger’s turbine can exceed 1875°F (1025°C) during normal operation, so your turbo is bound to run even hotter when you add performance mods or an ECU tune. If your heat shield fails to contain the heat your turbo is producing, that heat can permeate through your engine bay and heat intake charge air, causing a reduction in your engine’s power output. Excess heat from your turbocharger can damage other closely-positioned engine components like your alternator. Therefore, the importance of a turbo heat shield that matches your needs or application cannot be overemphasized.     

Our aftermarket heat shields are made using purposefully developed materials that do not absorb heat to the point of becoming heat sources. Instead, they deflect heat, so not much heat gets transmitted past them. Also, being race-spec heat shields, our products are ideal for tuned or performance-modified cars.


Explore Our Range of Car Heat Shields in Australia  

Our branded heat shields are available in various designs and finishes, e.g., with etched logos, brushed finishes, or ceramic/powder coatings. Therefore, they are sure to improve how your car looks under the hood. They are also built to fit aftermarket turbos and downpipes.

Our heat shields also come packaged with the accessories required to install them onto your vehicle, e.g., nuts and bolts. They are also easy to install; just basic tools like a screwdriver will suffice to install them. Our modding specialists can give additional guidance on anything else you need to know about these products. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive my car with a damaged heat shield?

Yes, driving your car with a damaged or broken heat shield is possible but not recommended. For the longevity of your engine, be sure to replace your heat shield the moment you notice it is broken.


How do heat shields keep under-hood temperatures at bay?

They incorporate layers of heat-insulating materials that prevent heat from passing through.  

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195 Products Found

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