Faster, smoothing gear shifts translate to better acceleration, which is what you get with a performance fly wheel like the ones we have here at CarMods Australia.

Our aftermarket flywheels will reduce the time it takes for your manual-transmission-equipped car to reach peak performance thanks to its superior materials and weight savings. We at Car Mods Australia have car flywheels that are perfectly suited to the needs of your car’s upgraded powertrain/drivetrain. We have been selling these and many other performance mods for years. Our customers can attest to the high quality of our products.    

A fly wheel is a mechanical, wheel-like device connected to the end of your engine’s crankshaft that provides mass for the preservation of rotational inertia. That inertia smooths out blips in your engine’s operation and keeps it from stalling amidst the disruptions or vibrations inherent to reciprocating engines. For this reason, most cars come from the factory with heavy dual-mass car flywheels that promise smooth, refined driving experiences. Such flywheels are great for cruising and daily driver applications. However, that weight forces your engine to use a lot of energy to move its components, so your car’s performance will always be limited while equipped with its stock fly wheel.

Our lightweight car flywheels are the solution. Depending on their types and sizes, performance flywheels can be 40-60 percent lighter than stock/OEM flywheels. Therefore, installing one will reduce the power your engine losses to the propulsion of its unsprung components. This can result in an increase in horsepower and torque figures across the rev range.

Every second counts when you are competing for faster race or time-attack times at your local track. A performance flywheel like the ones we have here at Car Mods Australia is what your manual transmission car needs if you want it to shift faster and achieve greater performance.  


Explore Our Range of Car Flywheels Online in Australia  

Car Mods Australia has aftermarket car flywheels of different types, e.g., single-mass flywheels, dual-mass flywheels, high-velocity flywheels, solid disk flywheels, or rimmed flywheels. All our car flywheel products are made from high-grade materials that are light yet super-strong, e.g., Aluminium alloy or Chromoly ultralight materials. These products are also explosion-proof and highly durable.

We will process your order immediately when you order any of our performance flywheels. We ship to all corners of Australia using Australia Post and StarTrack. If you have questions about our car flywheels, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that my car’s flywheel is due for replacement?

When your gears slip and your clutch vibrates. A burning smell is also a tell-tale sign that your flywheel is in bad shape.

How long do flywheels last?

It depends on the flywheel type and application. Most types last over 100,000 miles.

31 Products Found

31 Products Found