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The moving parts of your race car’s engine need as much lubrication as possible to churn out the performance you seek. A deep sump oil pan for car, truck, SUV, or van applications is a step in the right direction in this regard.

We at CarMods Australia are here to meet your oil pan car needs. We have partnered with many local and international automotive product manufacturers to guarantee our customers extensive selections of all types of automotive products.

Your car’s oil pan serves as a reservoir that collects the oil until it is drawn and recirculated to other parts of your engine by your engine’s oil pump. It is located at the bottom of the engine. Because the engines in most modern vehicles are positioned relatively low, factory oil pans tend to be shallow and small. These stock oil pans are sufficient for street driving but may fail to keep up with the demands of a race car engine. When your engine’s bearings run dry while on the track, it is in danger of catastrophic engine failure. A deep sump oil pan can hold much more oil than a stock oil pan, so it is the wiser option for a car that spends a lot of time on the track.

With our aftermarket oil pans, your race engine will have higher volumes of cleaner, cooler oil flowing through it. Our oil pans will also reduce windage. By restricting engine oil and lowering its level at the bottom of your engine, our oil pans will keep it from being whipped up and sprayed on the crankshaft. This is bound to translate to horsepower increments.


Explore Our Range of Car Oil Pans in Australia  

You can buy a deep sump oil pan for car, truck, SUV, or van applications here at a competitive price. We take pride in our wide selection of oil pans. Many can hold over 30 percent more oil than OEM oil pans. They have special baffles that contain oil; they also feature braced oil pump pickups. They are also made from superior, corrosion-resistant materials like billet aluminum that can withstand bumps and scrapes from street bumps and other road obstacles. Therefore, you won’t regret choosing us for your oil pan car needs.

Also worth noting is that these aftermarket oil pans are designed to fit perfectly onto your stock oil pan’s mounting points. Our oil pans also come with all the accessories you will need to install them onto your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

After how long should an aftermarket oil pan be replaced?

If it hasn’t gotten any significant damage, it can last the entire life of your car.


In which ways can an oil pan get damaged?

It gets damaged when you hit it against speed bumps, rocks, or debris while driving.

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103 Products Found

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EJ25 Oil Pan

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