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If you are looking for Subaru aftermarket performance parts and accessories, you ought to try the Killer B Motorsport products.

Unlike most aftermarket performance product manufacturers that develop products for cars of different makes, Killer B focuses specifically on producing Subaru performance products. This specialization has enabled Killer B to gain a superior understanding of Subaru vehicles and their performance needs. Thanks to the above, Killer B develops highly effective Subaru performance products.  Their oiling system products are especially impressive, guaranteeing smoother and more efficient engine operation when the car is in full throttle. 

Killer B also manufactures turbo kits, performance headers, exhaust systems, radiators, water pump housings, coolant reservoirs, and much more. All the designing, manufacturing, and packaging of their products is done at their production facility in Waynesboro, Virginia. They have a quality control department that tests and checks the quality and functionality of each product before it gets shipped out to various vendors. Killer B Motorsport also has a highly efficient customer service team that responds to issues that may arise with the usage of these products. 


Here are some of their products:


Oiling system products


Super G High Performance Oil pan

The Killer B Super G High Performance Oil pan holds 6 quarts of oil, which is up to 40% more than the oil that an OEM pan holds. It also benefits from a unique baffling system that prevents oil starvation, and a rear drain relocation tube that prevents oil from entering the crankcase breather when the car is accelerating. The Killer B Super G High Performance Oil pan is made from a double-heat-treated aluminum alloy. 


Stubby Oil Fill Tube

The Killer B Stubby Oil Fill Tube can be used on any EJ engine project. It is made from made from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and has been rotary TIG welded. 


Air/Oil Separator

The Killer B Air/Oil Separator is designed to effectively separate or remove suspended oil droplets from vented crankcase gasses, channeling it back into the crankcase. It is made out of TIG welded, billet 6061-T6 Aluminum. It also includes push-lock barb fittings that don’t require hose clamps. 


EZ30 Subaru Oil Pickup

The rugged, super-duty Killer B EZ30 Oil Pickup has an oil pickup tube that’s three times thicker than OEM. It is TIG-welded, with mandrel bent tubes for smoother oil flow. 


Performance Enhancing Products:


Spoolinator Turbo Kit

The Killer B Spoolinator Turbo Kit is used with a Garrett GT/GTX28 to GT/GTX35R sized turbocharger and its compressor housings. It is meant for those who want to go beyond the performance gains that bolt-on mods offer. It must be installed by a professional technician. 


Twin Scroll 321 Stainless WRX FA20 Header

With its equal length twin scroll design, the Killer B Twin Scroll 321 Stainless WRX FA20 Header is designed to maximize exhaust gas performance to increase power output.   


Engine Bay Products:


Dual Reservoir Wash/Coolant 2002-2005 WRX/STi

This Dual Reservoir for the washer fluid and coolant frees up space in the engine bay, making it easier to perform maintenance; it also making it easier to add other mods. 


Performance Radiator

Thanks to its unique F1 core technology, the Killer B Performance Radiator absorbs and dissipates heat quicker and more effectively than OEM radiators. 


For more Killer B Motorsport performance products, search through our inventory. We at CarMods Australia pride ourselves in being able to provide all the aftermarket performance products that our customers require. We keep replenishing our stock of Killer B Motorsport performance products so you are unlikely to miss the products you want. If you are not sure about which Killer B Motorsport products to buy for your vehicle, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.   

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