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If you want to increase your power on the road, turbos and superchargers are a great option. Turbos and superchargers refer to different but related technologies that are added to vehicles in an effort to increase horsepower and maximise performance. Car Mods Australia (CMA) specialises in performance parts, from electronic boost controls and blow off valves to complete turbocharger kits.

We combine great product selection with competitive prices, fast delivery, and friendly advice. There are lots of concepts to understand when purchasing engine parts, from forced induction and compression through to intake cycles and boost controls. It all comes down to induction at the end of the day, with both turbos and superchargers forcing as much air into your engine’s cylinders as possible in order to maximise performance.

  • A supercharger is driven mechanically and requires engine power to run.
  • A turbocharger is driven by a turbine, which is powered by exhaust gases.

CMA stocks a wide range of parts for turbos and superchargers, including complete systems. The market for turbo supercharger parts continues to grow and evolve, with more products available than ever before. Whether you're involved in car shows or want to maximise your performance, aftermarket parts are a great way to boost your power and increase your presence on the road.

Large Selection of Turbo and Supercharger Parts

When it comes to turbos and superchargers, we understand the importance of exceptional quality parts. In order to be effective, performance modifications require knowledge and access to the best parts that money can buy. CMA is owned and operated by car enthusiasts just like you. More than selling products, our mission is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by gaining their trust.

Turbos and supercharger parts from CMA include electronic boost controllers, boost port adapters, turbo fitting kits, blow off valves, external wastegates, diverter valves, and much more. Along with our impressive array of dress up components, we also specialise in electronics, air intake parts, engines, brakes and drivetrains, suspension, cooling systems, exhausts, interior and exterior parts, oil systems, hoses and fittings, and fuel systems.

The CMA Difference

At Car Mods Australia, we specialise in automotive products and parts for car enthusiasts and mechanical professionals across Australia. If you need advice about turbos, superchargers, or performance upgrades, we're here to offer friendly advice and comprehensive product knowledge. CMA are the trusted car modification and performance experts, with our impressive range of turbo and engine supercharger products only matched by our dedication and friendly customer support.

At CMA, our online shop front functions as a stock control system, so you can always tell which turbo and supercharger products are in stock at any one time. If you buy the wrong size or make a mistake, our products can be returned within 30 days for a refund or store credit. If you need to find the perfect turbo for sale for your next project, please browse our extensive selection or contact our support team.

2297 Products Found

2297 Products Found

VF34 Turbocharger

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VF34 Turbocharger

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