IHI Turbo

IHI Turbo is a widely recognized brand of the CloverTurbo Co., Ltd. – the automotive aftermarket subsidiary of IHI Corporation. IHI is a globally recognized Japanese heavy-industry manufacturer that traces its roots all the way back to 1853.

The company was initially known as the Ishikawajima Shipyard. It later became the Ishikawajima Heavy Industries, which, in 1960, became the Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries when it merged with the Harima Shipbuilding & Engineering Company. Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries later became the IHI Corporation in 2007.   

Through CloverTurbo Co., Ltd., IHI offers a comprehensive range of gasoline, diesel, and natural gas turbocharger systems for vehicles of different types, from commercial or industrial trucks and vans to tuner cars or professional race cars. CloverTurbo has manufactured over 50 million automobile turbochargers to date, and it supplies them under its IHI Turbo, IHI Turbo Remanufactured, IHI Turbo Performance, and CloverTurbo brands.


Here are some of the IHI turbo upgrades:


RHF and RHG Series Turbochargers 

The IHI RHF and RHG Series turbochargers are designed with a unique divided thrust bearing system that is superior to conventional bearing systems because it reduces mechanical loss of the turbocharger’s rotating components.  The RHF and RHG Series turbochargers are also designed to achieve high airflow and faster turbine response. 


RHS and RHZ Series Turbochargers

The IHI RHS and RHZ series turbochargers can be used on a wide variety of car models. Thanks to their high flow rates and wide operating ranges, they facilitate significant power gains and excellent response. In addition, they offer high reliability thanks to their optimum bearing stability, high thermal resistance, and superb oil seal performance. The RH Series turbochargers are compact in nature, and so they don’t take up much space in the engine bay. Also, they are available with radial-flow or mixed-flow turbines, and they are also interchangeable with RHF series turbochargers.  


VF Series Turbochargers 

The IHI Turbo VF Series turbochargers are bolt-on turbo upgrades for Subaru EJ20, EJ22, and EJ25 engines. They utilize roller bearing, water-cooled core assemblies, and are designed to support high boost levels of even up to 25 psi. They may require an ECU remap and fuel upgrades. The IHI Turbo VF Series turbo upgrades include the VF22, VF23, VF24, VF29, VF30, VF31, VF32, VF33, VF34 turbo, VF35 turbo, VF36, VF37, VF38, VF39, VF40, VF41, VF42, VF43, VF44, VF45, VF46, VF48 turbo, VF49, and VF52. 


RHV Series Turbochargers 

The IHI RHV turbochargers are all about maximum engine performance. When integrated with IHI’s variable geometry systems, they deliver improved transient response throughout the rev range. 


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