Turbo Inlet Hoses

If your turbocharged car is losing power by the day, if its engine is misfiring on account of running lean, or if its turbocharger is malfunctioning, the culprit may be a collapsing turbo inlet pipe.

A failing inlet pipe is easy to overlook. You can prevent all such problems by replacing your stock pipe with one of our aftermarket inlet pipe options. We at Car Mods Australia have the best car turbo inlet upgrades for Australian vehicles. We also have many more high-grade automotive accessories, all available at competitive prices.

A turbo intake pipe is essential to the smooth and efficient functioning of a turbocharged engine’s intake system. It is the conduit that connects a car’s turbocharger to its engine’s intake manifold. Thus, it delivers pressurized and compressed air from the turbo to the engine. Compared to the stock turbo inlet pipe, an aftermarket turbo inlet hose is broader, less curved, and smoother, so it allows more air to enter the engine. One key benefit of reducing airflow restrictions in such a way is increased horsepower and torque.

An aftermarket turbo intake pipe also cuts down on turbo spool time. With its higher airflow, it enables your engine to ignite more fuel at lower RPMs. Quicker turbo spooling reduces turbo lag and enhances throttle response.

Explore Our Range of Car Turbo Inlet Hoses Online in Australia

We have sourced our aftermarket turbo inlet hoses from top-rated performance air-intake system manufacturers, so they won’t let you down. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Our aftermarket inlet hoses are also more robust. Most OEM/stock inlet pipes are primarily made from rubber, which weakens and cracks over time with continual exposure to high temperatures. Our aftermarket turbo inlet pipes, on the other hand, are made from silicone, and some are even reinforced with stainless steel wiring. Therefore, they are more resistant to pressure and heat than rubber hoses. Rest assured that they won’t collapse even when hooked up to large turbochargers. 

If you need more information or guidance, dial (7) 5610 2123, and our engine experts will assist you in getting high-quality turbo inlet hoses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install a turbo inlet pipe?

An aftermarket turbo intake pipe can cost-effectively enhance your engine’s turbo spooling. It's also more reliable and durable than stock. Many experts recommend adding an intake and downpipe when installing a turbo inlet hose upgrade.


What's the horsepower gain from a turbo inlet hose upgrade?

When matched to stock parts, an aftermarket turbo inlet pipe can provide around five horsepower. Combining it with an aftermarket downpipe and air intake can add up to 10 horsepower.


Can I install the inlet pipe, or do I need a mechanic?

It's wise to use an experienced technician. The positioning of your car’s turbochrager can make installing a turbo inlet pipe challenging. The turbo on many cars is difficult to access since it hides inside the engine area. The challenging aspect in replacing the turbo inlet is it may require unscrewing and unbolting components that surround the turbo.

People Also Ask

Do I need a tune with an upgraded turbo inlet?

After fitting a turbo intake, tuning your car is advised but not essential. The tuning process should be uncomplicated since most cars have an online map allowing high-flow turbo intake. So, simply flashing the map will do.


Does a turbo inlet pipe enhance the sound of the turbo?

An aftermarket turbo inlet will not significantly affect our turbo or engine sound. The turbo inlet is small and insignificant in terms of sound effects.


What are the different types of turbo intake hoses?

Turbo inlet hoses are available in metal or silicone options. Other types include high-flow turbo inlet pipes, short-ram turbo inlet pipes, and intercooler bypass turbo inlet pipes.

74 Products Found

74 Products Found