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Nothing announces a performance car like a deep, throaty exhaust tone. If you want to enhance your car's exhaust notes without breaking the bank, get a cannon muffler here at Car Mods Australia.

We at Car Mods Australia are cannon exhaust muffler specialists, with hundreds of options in stock from many top-rated performance exhaust manufacturers.

As its name suggests, a cannon muffler is stouter than a regular muffler and is loved for how it amplifies and adds character to a car exhaust tone. Like standard mufflers, cannon mufflers have honeycomb cores or intricate systems of channels and baffles; some even incorporate ceramic blankets that help to keep the muffler shells cool. Count them to remove your engine's high-pitched, raspy noises and only leave deeper, hollower, or basier notes that announce you without being irritating. In addition to making your car sound awesome, our exhaust cannon mufflers are also designed for maximum performance. They are less restrictive than standard mufflers, allowing a faster flow of exhaust gases, which results in more horsepower. However, it is worth noting that performance exhaust cannon mufflers deliver the best performance gains when used with all the other components of a comprehensive performance exhaust system.    

Our cannon exhaust mufflers will also make your car stand out. They are large and burly with equally stout exhaust tips, so they will give your car a muscular and aggressive appearance. Our mufflers are also made from high-grade materials like T304 or T407 stainless steel, which stand out when polished.


Explore Our Range of Car Exhausts Cannon Mufflers Online in Australia  

Car Mods Australia has a wide range of performance exhaust cannon mufflers. Our mufflers are available in several inlet- and tip-diameter sizes. They feature exposed TIG welds for optimum weld durability and protective coatings that prevent rust and corrosion. They are also designed to mount directly onto your car's muffler mounting points without needing modifications.

If you need help choosing a performance muffler for your car, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. They are happy to help.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a 3-inch cannon muffler louder than a 2.5-inch cannon muffler?

It won't be much louder, but it will undoubtedly have a recognizably deeper tone.


Which gives better fuel economy – a baffle-type cannon muffler or a honeycomb core cannon muffler?

A honeycomb core cannon muffler.

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27 Products Found