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If your car’s exhaust system hangs lower than it should, or if your car’s muffler tends to hit the pavement when you drive over a speed bump, you should consider replacing your exhaust hangers.

Exhaust hanger upgrades can make a difference to your car’s NVH levels and positively affect your car’s performance, fuel economy, and exhaust tones. We at Car Mods Australia are here to serve you with the best car exhaust hangers for your car’s make and model. We have over 300,000 automotive products in stock; all developed to meet the needs of Australia’s daily commuters, car tuners, racers, or off-road enthusiasts.

Car exhaust hangers are the mounts from which a car’s exhaust pipes hang under a vehicle. They help to restrict the movements of a car’s exhaust system components when the vehicle is being driven, so they play a critical role in regulating NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) levels in a car’s cabin. They also help to keep your car’s extremely-hot exhaust pipes in position, so they don’t get in contact with the car’s bumper or other undercarriage parts.

Most stock/factory-installed exhaust hangers are made from rubber with a durometer hardness of 55a. These hangers are efficient when new, but they become weaker with continuous exposure to dirt, the elements, and high exhaust system temperatures. They get worn out even faster in performance applications because of the increased torsional forces, and even more so with a heavier aftermarket exhaust system. Our aftermarket exhaust hangers are stouter and tougher, mostly made from robust polyurethane with durometer hardness levels of even over 80a. You can count on them to withstand extreme temperatures and the demands of motorsport applications.


Explore Our Range of Car Exhausts Hangers Online in Australia  

We at Car Mods Australia have adjustable and non-adjustable car exhausts hangers online with different hole diameter options, e.g., 12mm, 15mm, etc. Our adjustable exhaust hangers have additional hole spacings; therefore, they can accommodate aftermarket exhaust pipes of diverse sizes. Our exhaust hangers are also available in a wide variety of colors.

If you need help choosing exhaust hangers for your application or have any questions about our exhaust hangers, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do aftermarket exhaust hangers last?   

It depends on the application. For example, the exhaust hangers of a car mainly driven on city streets and suburbs are bound to last much longer than those of a vehicle that spends a lot of time on the track.


Are all exhaust hangers universal?

No. Yes, many of the exhaust hangers on the market are universal, but vehicle-specific options are also available.

38 Products Found

38 Products Found