Aeroflow Performance

Aeroflow Performance is a globally recognized aftermarket performance part/accessory manufacturer. This family owned company was founded on three principles: top-notch product quality, excellence in service, and a true passion and love for performance. 

Headquartered in Huntingwood, Sydney, Australia, Aeroflow Performance has manufacturing plants on different continents, and it also boasts a wide-reaching, global network of re-sellers and distributors. In Australia alone, it has three facilities on over 90,000 square feet of real estate, and they produce over 11,000 performance products.


Aeroflow Performance has a dedicated R&D department that skillfully designs and develops its products. These products also undergo an extensive and thorough testing process to ensure reliability and durability. The Aeroflow Performance products serve many markets, e.g. street cars, drag racing, sport compact racing, speedway, rallying, road racing, off-road racing, tractor pulling, and motorcycles.


Air Filtration

Aeroflow Performance offers a variety of top quality air filtration products that include direct replacement air filters, round/pod filters, air filter assemblies, air filter bases, lids & tops, breathers and breather adapters, air intake systems, PCV valves, and other accessories. All these products are designed to fit perfectly into factory seals and connections, and they are made from top-quality materials that last long.


Brake Accessories

Aeroflow Performance also manufactures replacement brake vacuum pumps and reservoir tanks, brake fittings and adapters, brake hoses and hard lines, and various other brake accessories. They are tougher and more effective than the stock parts.


Cooling, Insulation, and Air Conditioning

Aeroflow Performance also offers a comprehensive selection of air conditioning products that include bulk heads, fitting adapters, hoses and hose ends, replacement olives, O-rings, and other accessories. To meet your performance car’s cooling needs, Aeroflow Performance also manufactures coolant adapters and crossovers, radiator caps, radiator fillers, thermostats, water pumps, supercharger adapters, the popular Aeroflow intercooler and many more. Aeroflow Performance have also perfected the design and manufacture of insulation products, e.g. exhaust  wraps, fuel jug covers, spark plug boots,  turbo and wastegate bags, heat shields and barriers, and many more.    


Engine Components

Aeroflow Performance’s masterfully crafted engine components guarantee improved output and performance. They include camshafts, cylinder heads, gaskets, pulleys and belts, timing covers, gaskets, brackets, and many more.



Aeroflow’s BOOSTED line of turbochargers are affordable yet highly effective in boosting performance. Made from reinforced aluminum alloys, these turbos remain strong even in extremely high exhaust gas temperatures. They are designed to maximize boost response and increase engine output throughout the rev range. Aeroflow also manufactures accessories for superchargers and nitrous oxide systems.   


Fuel System Components

Count on Aeroflow Performance for all your performance fuel system component needs. The Aeroflow fuel system products include fuel pumps, fuel rails, fuel filters, fuel injectors, fuel temperature gauges, fuel regulators, shut-off valves, surge tanks, and many more.


Kryptalon® Series Hoses

Aeroflow’s Kryptalon® Series hoses and hose fittings are designed for extreme racing conditions. These hoses combine a woven Kevlar braid with an internal Teflon® liner for superior strength and enhanced flow capacity.

Aeroflow Performance also manufactures electric al accessories and gauges, oiling systems, transmission and driveline components, race-spec safety accessories, speedway components, and much more. You can get all these Aeroflow fittings and lines right here at CarMods Australia. As Aeroflow distributors, we can ship them to the furthest corners of Australia, and also to designated international locations. We also price these products competitively. Call us at (07) 5649 8778 for more information

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