Air Fuel Ratio Gauges

The air-fuel ratio in your car's engine impacts your car's performance, fuel efficiency, emissions production levels, and engine longevity, so it is wise to keep tabs on it, especially when you start tuning your car.

An air fuel ratio gauge, or AFR gauge, can help you with that. We at CarMods Australia have some of the best Australian afr gauges you can buy on the internet. Top-rated automotive part manufacturers make them, so you can count on them to be accurate and durable.

For a complete combustion event in a gasoline engine's cylinders, the air/fuel ratio has to be 14.7.1, '14.7' being the measure of air and '1' being that of fuel.
In engines that run E85 fuel, that ideal ratio is 9.7:1. When your engine runs richer or leaner than its stoichiometric air/fuel ratio, it will function below its optimum capacity. It may also develop problems leading to severe engine damage, so a wide band gauge is an asset in all vehicle applications.

Issues like clogged fuel filters, clogged fuel injectors, malfunctioning fuel pumps and oxygen sensors, leaking fuel lines, vacuum leaks, faulty MAP sensors/ECUs, and failing fuel-pressure regulators can cause your engine to run lean or rich. By alerting when the AFR ratio is above or below where it needs to be, an air fuel ratio gauge like the ones we have here at CarMods Australia will help you know when to check for any of the above problems.    

A wide band gauge is also invaluable when adding performance mods to your car. The mods are bound to upset your engine's air/fuel balance, so an afr gauge can help you know what additional mods to add or how you ought to tune your ECU to restore a stoichiometric air/fuel ratio in your engine.


Explore Our Range of Air Fuel Ratio Gauges in Australia  

We at CarMods Australia have a wide range of analog and digital afr gauges, available in different colors and designs. Because they are wide band gauges, they will measure the air-fuel ratios in your car's engine and not just give the reading of your car's factory oxygen sensor, as is the case with narrowband gauges. Therefore, you can count on them to provide accurate readings.

If you are unsure about which air fuel gauge to choose for your application, call our modding experts at (07) 5649 8778. They have handled them over many years, so rest assured that they will steer you in the right direction.


Frequently Asked Questions

What AFR ratio is ideal for maximum power?

Your engine will achieve maximum power at ratios of between 12-14:1.


Which is the correct way to read an air fuel gauge?

When the AFR reading exceeds the stoichiometric ratio, your air/fuel mixture gets leaner. On the other hand, when the AFR goes lower than the stoichiometric ratio, your air/fuel mixture gets richer.  

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72 Products Found