Performance product manufacturer Raceworks offers a vast range of high-performance air, fuel, and fluid management components that are widely used in the Australian racing and motorsports industry. Raceworks products are known to be of premium quality and to be highly effective, which is why they are trusted even in high-level racing competitions like V8 Supercars.

Another endearing attribute of Raceworks products is the fact that they all come with a 2-year repair or replacement warranty; that says a lot about the confidence that Raceworks has in the durability of its products. The Raceworks performance products include fuel pumps, fuel rails, silicone hoses, aluminium fittings, fuel injectors, performance hose, connectors, sensors, and other supporting hardware.



Fuel & Oil System

Raceworks has perfected the art of developing performance fuel and oil system parts and components over the years. They produce holley-dual-feed, demon-dual-feed, and dominator-dual-feed carburetor fuel line kits fabricated in pro-grade resins. They also manufacture high-pressure in-tank fuel pumps and high-pressure external fuel pumps along with accessories like E85 safe plastic fuel pump tubing and replacement fuel pump strainers.  Other fuel and oil system products that they offer include oil pumps, brackets, Raceworks fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump hangers, fuel injectors, fuel filters, MRA conversion kits, oil fliters, liquid-filled pressure gauges, and fuel rails.   



Raceworks manufactures race-spec aluminum pipe clamps made from 6061-T6 lightweight aluminium, and they also make stainless steel t-bolt clamps and stainless steel v-band flanges and clamp kits, all of different sizes.  


Hoses and Fittings

Raceworks offers an impressive range of rubber, aluminum, and PTFE hoses and tubes that are way tougher and more durable than stock hoses. Also on offer are custom-designed hose ends, adapters, plugs, valves, and weld-ons.


Silicone & Vacuum Hoses

The Raceworks Silicone & Vacuum hoses can handle temperatures of as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as +180 degrees Celsius, so they are well-suited to high-power turbo applications. They can also handle burst pressures of up to 348psi. They are made from 4-ply reinforced silicone polyester and their walls are 5mm thick.  



The Raceworks range of performance engine sensors is vast. Some of them include accelerator pedal sensors, air pressure (MAP) sensors, flex fuel sensors, fluid pressure sensors, hall sensors, motorsport air temp sensors, motorsport fluid temp sensors, and throttle position sensors. 


You can also count on Raceworks to deliver top quality tanks (e.g. surge tanks, expansion tanks, and recovery tanks), wiring connectors and consumables (e.g. cable ties, deutsch connectors, harness extensions , and grommets & boots), vehicle preparation accessories (e.g. motorsports decals, harness/seatbelt accessories, and battery switches), and much more. You’ll get many of these Raceworks products right here at Car Mods Australia (CMA). CMA is dedicated to offering a comprehensive selection of aftermarket performance parts and accessories from established and highly-reputed manufacturers. If you need help choosing Raceworks products for your vehicle, call us at (07) 5649 8778. 

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