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When boosting your car’s performance, don’t forget to upgrade your car cooling system and its accessories.

With extra performance comes more engine-bay heat than your stock cooling system components can contain. If left unchecked, this excess heat can damage your engine and wreak even more havoc under the hood. We at Car Mods Australia can help you reduce the heat levels under your car’s hood with our aftermarket cooling accessories, e.g., a performance car cooling fan, an aftermarket radiator, a cooling expansion tank, and many more. We have been serving Australian street-performance enthusiasts and professional racers with performance cooling system components and accessories for years, so you can count on us to steer you in the right direction. Our aftermarket cooling accessories are manufactured by top-rated car-accessory manufacturers that prioritize quality and durability in their products.   

In addition to contending with excess heat, our aftermarket car cooling accessories also help to maintain consistent engine temperature, heat the passenger cabin, and quickly bring your engine up to its optimal operating temperature. The following are some of the car cooling system accessories you can find here at Car Mods Australia:



OEM belt-driven fans can only keep up with your radiator’s cooling needs when everything in your car is stock, so you will do well to equip your performance-enhanced car with a higher-capacity, aftermarket car cooling fan. Our aftermarket electric cooling fans draw power from a car’s battery and electrical system. By consistently facilitating additional radiator airflow regardless of your engine’s RPMs, they free up maximum horsepower with minimum energy consumption.



Our performance radiators have increased surface areas, higher coolant capacities, and superior tube and fin designs that enable car coolant to cool faster as it passes through them. They are also lighter because they are made from aluminum.



You should also get a coolant expansion tank when buying a performance radiator for your car. Our car coolant expansion tanks have a significantly higher coolant capacity than stock expansion tanks. They are also made from high-grade materials designed to deliver leak-free service and superior durability when exposed to extreme heat or cold.


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In addition to the above, Car Mods Australia offers aftermarket coolant hose adapters, spring clamps, coolant reservoir tanks, throttle body relocation kits, water pumps, and much more. All our car cooling system accessories them been tried and tested in real-world performance applications. Some of their manufacturers also provide warranties.

Our modding specialists are here to answer any questions about these accessories. You can contact them at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common cooling system problems?

Overheating and coolant leakages. The right aftermarket cooling system accessories can help you deal with these problems.


Is there a limit to the number of car cooling accessories you can add?

It depends on your car’s cooling needs and how much it has under the hood for these accessories. Our modding specialists can also guide you on that.

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2752 Products Found