Koyorad is one of the oldest radiator companies in the world. It was first established in 1956 as Ejiri Radiator. In 1959 the company changed its name to Koyo Radiator Manufacturing and was later adjusted to Koyorad. 

Their first oil cooler and radiator factory started working in 1968. Today, this company is one of the leaders in manufacturing aftermarket radiators for vehicles. Koyorad supplies its products worldwide even though their operations are in Japan. This also includes Australia. 

Koyorad – Product Catalog 

With over 50 years of experience, Koyorad has engineered and innovated hundreds of improvements in radiator technology. Today the company even has the “Koyorad Racing” branch specialising in delivering high-performance parts for racing teams in many different automotive sports.

Luckily for you, at the Car Mods Australia store, you can find over 5000 top-grade car parts, including Koyorad radiators. But not just any, we bring you those same high-performance products designed to endure the most challenging conditions while giving a top performance.

A radiator might seem like a simple part that doesn’t make a huge difference. However, Koyorad products will bring out your vehicle’s A-game every day. 

High Performance Needs High Cooling 

An engine gets heated up while operating. This is especially true for performance vehicles. At the same time, Australia is a hot continent meaning that vehicles get even hotter. The radiator is the main component of every car’s cooling system, making it essential for cooling your engine down. 

The Radiator Keeps Your Car Running 

The oil and the cooling system work together to keep your car running. If the engine gets too hot, oil won’t lubricate parts, causing your engine to break down. The radiator prevents this from happening even with high-performing engines. 

The Engine Needs Heat 

Many radiators are good at cooling down the engine, but they don’t let the engine get the necessary heat. Engine parts need a healthy amount of heat so that the pistons and cylinders can work properly. This is where Koyorad radiators beat the competition as they are made for high performance and fast operation. 

Get Koyorad Products at Car Mods Australia! 

Car Mods Australia is one of the few licensed distributors of Koyo radiators. All of the products in our store are delivered directly from Japan. They are built according to the standards the company is known for. Our team is full of car enthusiasts, and we can help you build a car that can perform safely in extreme conditions. 

Finding the right radiator for your car can be difficult. You need to consider the whole build, the cooling system, and the engine. If you have difficulties choosing, make sure to contact our team, and we will give you guidance for the best performance. 

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