Car Horns

Imagine having to open your car’s window and yell at the top of your voice just because your car’s horn is too soft or dull for the driver in front of you to hear.

Now imagine having to do that several times when driving in the city! It is frustrating to even think about. Well, we at CarMods Australia have the perfect remedy for that. Our air horns for cars are among the best you can get on the market, and they come in various colors and options. CarMods Australia is committed to meeting the aftermarket automotive accessory needs of Australia’s on-road and off-road-going community.   

A car horn is supposed to warn road users or pedestrians of your car’s presence or approach and alert them of impending danger. If it isn’t effective at doing the above, it is a liability and a severe safety risk. Car horns can weaken over time, especially if they have old or frayed wiring, broken clock springs, blown-out fuses, faulty relays, or defective horn switches. Therefore, if your car’s horn is not as loud as it used to be, order one of our air horns for cars.

Our aftermarket car horns can also help you save face during important meetings. Instead of inspiring admiration and respect, some car horns can induce laughter or cheeky chuckles. Our aftermarket car horns have louder and more authoritative tones, and many have more than one tone. Also worth noting is that these air horns for cars are made using high-grade materials that are corrosion- and abrasion-resistant, so rest assured that they will last longer.

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We have different aftermarket car horns, e.g., bulb, electric, and air horns for cars. They can be had in single or dual-horn options, and the horns may have different frequencies. The sound levels of typical stock car horns can hit 107–109 decibels. On the other hand, these car horns can deliver even up to 150 decibels of sound, depending on their specifications.

We also offer horn adaptors and brackets that you can use to mount the car horns onto your car securely. Some of our car horn kits include these adaptors and horns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a car horn to sound weak?

Car horns with old or frayed wiring, broken clock springs, blown-out fuses, faulty relays, or defective horn switches are bound to sound weak.


Do you need to add a fuse or change wiring when you install an aftermarket car horn?

Many of these aftermarket car horns only draw around 2.7 amps per horn, so you probably won’t have to modify your car’s factory fuses and wiring when installing a car horn upgrade.  


Is it possible to fix a faulty car horn?

Yes, because some car horn components that develop problems over time are replaceable. For example, you can replace a blown car horn fuse or horn relay with a new one.


People Also Ask

Is it true that loud car horns can cause hearing problems?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), studies show that it is possible for a sound that’s 85 decibels or higher to cause hearing loss. However, that potential ear damage depends on your proximity to the object emitting the sound (in this case, your car horn) and how long you listen to the sound.      


Can air horns for cars run out of air?

Yes, but mostly on account of electrical issues, not fluid-related problems.


Should car horns be cleaned?

It is wise to clean or wipe air horns for cars periodically because when dirt and debris collect in these devices substantially, it can diminish the sound volume or quality they produce.    

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16 Products Found