Fuel Pressure Regulators

If your car’s fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is malfunctioning, you should replace it as soon as possible. Why not replace it with an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator like the ones here at CarMods Australia instead of buying another stock fuel regulator? Our aftermarket FPRs have been optimized for performance applications, giving you more control over the pressure of the fuel supplied to your engine’s fuel injectors than what you will get from stock fuel injectors.      

A fuel pressure regulator is designed to maintain desired fuel pressure levels across your car’s fuel injectors by bleeding off some of the fuel flowing through them when the fuel injector flow rate exceeds set limits. It bleeds the fuel back to the fuel tank. Our adjustable fuel pressure regulators have adjustment screws with which you can adjust the intake manifold pressure. By adjusting the intake manifold pressure, you can increase or decrease the fuel injector flow rate to suit your engine’s needs

A fuel pressure regulator upgrade is also worth considering when you have made significant performance modifications to your car, like increasing your engine’s displacement, installing turbocharger upgrades, or enhancing your fuel system with upgrades like an aftermarket fuel rail, fuel pump, fuel lines, or fuel filter, etc.  

Explore Our Range of Fuel Pressure Regulators in Australia

We have a wide range of fuel pressure regulators manufactured by local and international, top-rated aftermarket product manufacturers. These FPRs are of different shapes, sizes, and capacities and are available in universal or vehicle-specific versions. Our vastly experienced modding specialists offer excellent fuel pressure regulator buying guidance; they will help you pick out one that aligns well with the different engine or fuel system mods you may have added. Call them today at (07) 5649 8778. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Will an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator make a difference in a stock car?

No, it won’t. Your fuel injectors will only inject the amount of fuel mapped in your ECU into your engine’s cylinders.  


Is it okay to increase the engine’s fuel pressure? 

It may cause your engine to be over-fueled. In such cases, your engine may start to run rough, and its fuel economy will worsen because of having too much fuel in its cylinders.  


Is it okay to clean a fuel pressure regulator in a solvent bath?

No, that will ruin it. Just use a cloth to wipe its exterior. 

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