Fuel Pressure Regulators

If you are considering getting fuel system upgrades like performance injectors and a higher-pressure fuel pump for your project car, be sure to include an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator like the ones we have here at Car Mods Australia.

Our performance fuel pressure regulators are guaranteed to match your car’s specific needs. They have been purposely developed for performance applications, with the ability to handle high boost and pressure. They are ideal for applications that develop even up to 1,000 horsepower. We at Car Mods Australia have been selling aftermarket fuel pressure regulators for years, and our product selection is vast.

A fuel regulator’s fundamental purpose is to ensure consistent pressure in your car’s fuel rail to keep all your fuel injectors spraying sufficient fuel into your engine’s cylinders. It receives fuel flow from a car’s fuel rail and has a vacuum line through which it receives boost pressure from the intake manifold. Its diaphragm controls a “ball seat” by-pass valve that opens and closes in response to both pressures.

For cars pushing limits with elevated boost or fuel demands, there's a need for a regulator - preferably an adjustable fuel regulator - that can stand its ground. It should be able to maintain the ideal 1:1 ratio between boost and fuel pressures. Our collection at Car Mods Australia includes such precision regulators. Notably, our fuel pressure regulator with gauge variants is crafted with anti-corrosion internals, making them compatible with alcohol-based fuels like methanol and ethanol.

Enhancing Performance with Aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulators

As stated in the initial information, for those looking to enhance their vehicle's performance with upgrades such as high-pressure fuel pumps or performance injectors, an aftermarket fuel regulator becomes essential. Here's why:

  • Reliability: The aftermarket fuel pressure regulators, especially those available at Car Mods Australia, are designed to handle the increased demand. They provide reliability, even in high-pressure situations, ensuring that the engine gets a consistent fuel supply.
  • Compatibility with Different Fuels: With the rise of alternative fuels like ethanol and methanol, there's a need for components that can withstand their corrosive nature. Performance fuel pressure regulators, with their corrosion-resistant internals, ensure longevity even when running on these fuels.
  • Adaptability: The availability of both non-adjustable and adjustable fuel pressure regulators with gauges means that car enthusiasts have the flexibility to modify their vehicles as they see fit. If one decides to change their fuel injectors or make other modifications, an adjustable regulator can accommodate those changes, providing the right pressure.

Explore Our Range of Car Fuel Pressure Regulators Online in Australia

Car Mods Australia has a vast selection of non-adjustable and adjustable fuel pressure regulators. An adjustable fuel regulator is ideal for when you want to swap in fuel injectors of different capacities. They enable you to adjust their fuel pressure settings to suit your fuel injectors. All our products, from simple fuel regulators to the more intricate fuel pressure regulator kits are developed by top-rated auto-part manufacturers that prioritize quality and durability.

If we need help choosing a fuel pressure regulator for your project car, our modding specialists are happy to help. Call them today at (07) 5649 8778.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test my adjustable fuel pressure regulator?

If you disconnect the vacuum line when the car is running, the fuel pressure should jump significantly, e.g., by 7-8 psi. That’s a good sign that your fuel regulator is working.

What are the signs that I need to replace my fuel pressure regulator?

You should consider replacing it when you notice fuel leaks, black smoke from the exhaust, engine misfires, and noisy fuel pump operation.

How often should I inspect and maintain my fuel pressure regulator?

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure the optimal performance of your fuel pressure regulator. We recommend checking it as part of your routine vehicle maintenance, typically every 19,000 to 24,000 kilometers or as specified in your vehicle's service manual.

What is the difference between a non-adjustable and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator?

A non-adjustable fuel pressure regulator has a fixed pressure setting and cannot be modified. In contrast, an adjustable fuel regulator allows you to change the fuel pressure setting to accommodate different engine modifications or performance upgrades. It provides greater flexibility and control over your fuel system.

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123 Products Found