DeatschWerks LLC

Established in 2004, DeatschWerks LLC specializes in the design and manufacture of specialized high-performance fuel systems.

David Deatsch, its founder, and his entire team, are hardcore car enthusiasts who set out to express their passion for performance cars and motorsports in all the products they produce. They started out with a line of drop-in fitment fuel injectors in 2004, and went on to add fuel injector servicing to their portfolio the next year. In 2009, they included a new line of modern muscle fuel injectors, and in the coming years, they added the 300-series in-tank fuel pumps, the DW200 and DW65c fuel pumps, and the Bosch EV14 fuel injectors. Today, DeatschWerks LLC boasts one of the most comprehensive selections of fuel system products on the market. 

DeatschWerks LLC now operates from a large 36,000 sq. ft. facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, DW that is equipped to handle all key company functions, i.e. design and development, manufacturing, warehousing, marketing, quality assurance, and administration.


Fuel Injectors 

DeatschWerks LLC (DW) employs an application-specific approach when making its fuel injectors, so you are assured of getting injectors that are perfectly suited to your car’s performance needs. The DW Fuel Injectors are available in the following types: automotive application specific injectors, power sports application specific injectors, universal line of low impedance injectors (up to 1800cc), universal Bosch EV14 injectors (up to 2200cc), sidefeed injectors (up to 1000cc), or gasoline direct injectors (up to 1700cc). 


Fuel Pumps 

The DW fuel pumps are also application-specific products, not one-size-fits-all. Depending on their intended applications, these fuel pumps are built with different dimensional formats, fluid connections, electrical components, lengths, and diameters. They are designed to maximize flow at higher pressures; as a result, they deliver flat flow curves regardless of the driving conditions. The DW fuel pumps are also built to handle ethanol-enriched fuels. 


Fuel Rails 

The DW fuel rails are also vehicle specific, and are designing to deliver higher fuel flow and more plumbing options. They are made from hard anodized, billet T6061 aluminum for maximum durability, and have a black finish. The DW fuel rails also have bottom-mounted 3/8-inch NPT ports that reduce noise and pressure fluctuations in returnless configurations.


Fuel Filters

DeatschWerks LLC also manufactures dual-stage, magneto-mechanical fuel filters that are built to handle corrosive ethanol-enriched race fuels. These filters function in two stages: 

  1. Magnetic Filtration: Their 35mm neodymium magnets trap ferrous contaminants in the fuel.
  1. Mechanical Filtration: Their serviceable, pleated 304-series stainless steel elements then trap non-ferrous contaminants. 


Surge Tanks 

On top of offering the functions of a regular surge tank, the DW Modular Surge Tank Systems add precise fitment and increased flexibility. They are designed to incorporate the fuel pump and filter, and so they provide a more compact solution. They can also be configured to incorporate two fuel pumps, which is invaluable in high horsepower applications.  


DeatschWerks LLC also manufactures fuel pressure regulators and fuel lines and fittings. We have all these products right here at CarMods Australia. We at CarMods Australia are committed to meeting the aftermarket performance part/accessory needs of enthusiasts, car tuners, and car builders in Australia and around the world. We are offering these DW products at affordable prices. Call our modding specialists today at (07) 5528 5801 if you have any questions.  

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