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Want to make your street car look like a performance car? Try enhancing it with one of our car wings.

In addition to making your ride look cool and sporty, a rear wing can significantly improve your car's driving dynamics. We at Car Mods Australia have car wings of different styles and sizes. They are affordable and easy to install. We also offer thousands of other performance accessories you will surely like.

The history of car wings and rear spoilers can be traced back to the 1920s when the engineers of the Opel RAK 1 – the world's first rocket-propelled car, strapped a pair of wings onto the vehicle. Car wings are aerodynamic devices designed to create downforce, i.e., the force that pushes a vehicle down onto the road. Car wings also reduce lift. The more downforce a rear wing creates, the more traction and braking stability it achieves. Thus, a rear wing can improve a car's performance considerably. The car wings here at Car Mods Australia will also enhance your car's looks. They are made from high-grade metal, fiberglass, or carbon fiber material and have been finished in various paint options.  

Explore Our Range of Car Wings Online in Australia  

You can get gurney flap/wicker bill, whale tail, or even OEM-style car wings here at Car Mods Australia. We also have single or double-wing options. Car Mods Australia sources these rear wings from established aftermarket spoiler/rear wing manufacturers that produce high-quality products.  

Our modding specialists can help you choose a rear wing for your car. Once you express to them your modding goals, they will recommend car wings that will best help you achieve your objective. You can reach them at (7) 5610 2123. Most of our wings will require drilling during installation. It is wise to get a certified technician to do that for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a rear wing/car wing work?

A rear wing is designed like the wing of an airplane, only inverted. So unlike airplane wings that help a plane to lift off the ground, car wings do the opposite; they keep the vehicle from lifting off the ground.

The top surface of the car wing is curved, while the bottom side is flat. Consequently, air flows faster over the top of the wing than it does under the wing, creating a high-pressure area on top of the wing and a low-pressure area under the wing when the car is in motion. This difference in air pressure creates downforce that increases with the car's speed. That downforce pushes down the vehicle, keeping it stable at high speeds.   


How does a rear wing help to improve traction?

As explained above, car wings reduce lift and increase downforce, which pushes a car down, forcing its tires to grip the road. This results in better traction at high speeds.   


What is the difference between a spoiler and a wing?

A spoiler is different from a rear wing in its design and position. It is an airflow barrier that extends directly from a car's roof, front chin, or rear decklid/boot lid. A rear wing, on the other hand, sits higher, perched on props that extend from a car's rear decklid/boot lid.

A spoiler also differs from a car wing in the way it obstructs airflow. It disrupts localized airflow, reducing lift and creating downforce. On the other hand, a rear wing deflects airflow upward, causing the generation of negative lift.


People Also Ask:

Do car wings increase drag?

Yes, they increase drag substantially; however, the traction and handling benefits they provide more than compensate for the increased drag.


How effective are rear wings at low speeds?

You may hardly notice the difference after having your car fitted with a rear wing when driving at low speeds. The downforce created by a car's rear wing is proportional to the car's speed and the square of its area, so you need to travel at high speeds to experience the benefits of a rear wing.


How far back and high should my car's rear wing be?

For the most downforce, perch the rear wing as far back and as high as possible. The car's shape least obscures the air that flows over a wing perched in such a way, so it is bound to deliver the best aerodynamic effects.    

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2 Products Found