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If your car’s air filter element has gotten damaged, consider replacing it with one of the aftermarket replacement filters we have here at Car Mods Australia.

Our replacement filters are sturdy, washable, and reusable. We obtain them from reputable, aftermarket performance filter producers with an impeccable track record. Car Mods Australia has a vast selection of over 300,000 automotive parts, accessories, and products, so you are always assured of plenty of choices here on our website.    

An air filter protects an engine from contaminants that can cause internal damage, e.g., sand/rock chips, dust, dirt, and debris. It also ensures that the engine gets enough air for air/fuel combustion. The more air your engine receives, the more power it can produce. Therefore, a high-flow filter replacement is a must-have mod if you are serious about boosting your car’s performance. Our high-flow replacement filters can deliver up to 50% percent more airflow into your engine than standard air filters, which can translate to power output increments of even up to 5HP.

Also, because our high-performance replacement filters are designed for performance applications, they are sturdier or more robust than standard replacement filters. Further, these aftermarket air filters are available with layered, oiled cotton media that is washable and reusable; you can use such options for the whole life of your car!  


Explore Our Range of Car Engine Air Replacement Filters Online in Australia

CarMods Australia has a wide range of replacement filters for many vehicles on the Australian market. So, you can easily find a filter replacement compatible with your car's make and model. They can be had with paper or cotton gauze filter elements. Our filters with cotton air filter elements are washable, reusable, and robust.   

Call us at (7) 5610 2123 and our car engine air filter specialists will guide you on the replacement filters suitable for your car, whether a daily driver, a custom-built race car, or an off-roader.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do most aftermarket engine air filter replacements last?

You should change disposable air filters annually or every 12,000–15,000 miles, whichever comes first. You might need to change your filter more frequently if you drive in dusty or unclean circumstances. Some filters have a service life indication on the label that changes color when it's time to be replaced. Some top brands like K&N High-Flow Air Filters are covered by a Million-Mile Limited Warranty and are built to endure the lifetime of your car. 


Why do engine air filter replacements need to be serviced?

It increases engine lifespan. A broken air filter can damage internal engine components like cylinders and pistons, which are expensive to fix. Also, a dirty and clogged engine air filter causes the engine to utilize more gas and less air, lowering its performance and decreasing fuel economy.


How often do engine air filters need to be serviced?

Gauze air filters may require maintenance after around 5000 miles or so. Some reputable upgrades can go well over 50,000 miles under normal use before requiring cleaning.



People Also Ask

What do engine air filter upgrades do for a car?

An aftermarket air filter can prolong engine life and boost performance and fuel efficiency by supplying a cleaner and better air-fuel mixture.


What is better, paper or gauze engine air filters?

Paper filters are cheaper but aren't reusable, and it’s essential to replace them regularly. Gauze air filters are long-lasting, cleanable, and reusable, making them more cost-effective in the long term.


Can performance air filters make a car faster?

Due to their seamless and superior air supply, performance air filters can increase your car's speed. The better the filter's performance, the better the boost since the combustion process requires the purest possible air.

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1218 Products Found

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