Your car is a sophisticated machine whose safe and efficient operation is affected by many factors. Chief among them is the air filtration system, or air filters. These remove solid particles from the air which your car sucks in, making it clean enough to be burned in the engine.

Dust, tiny rocks, and even smoke particles can wreak havoc in your engine block. The high pressure, high temperature environment involved makes the engine more susceptible to wear by such particles.


Protect Your Engine with High Quality Air Filters

It is crucial that your engine stays healthy no matter what environment you drive in. Here in Australia, it can get really dusty. Your car still needs clean air to operate properly, which is why you must install high quality air filters.

K&N air filters are one of the best brands in the world which you can fit in your car. These filters are designed for high performance operation, meaning that they work in the harshest environments you can expect to encounter. Sandstorm? No problem, K&N filters are up to it.


K&N Filters: Born to Race

In the 1960s, two motorcycle racers were looking for a high performance air filter that could work in the demanding situations of a race track. The first model was a simple cotton cloth soaked in oil, but the idea was born.

Since then, K&N filters have been leading the world in performance and reliability. They can capture contaminants in the air more efficiently, allow a better airflow into the engine, and stay operational for much longer before needing replacement.

High quality aftermarket K&N air filters are very different from cheap models. They are more effective in their air cleaning capacity, and even improve engine power and low-speed efficiency.


Hassle-Free, Cleanable K&N Air Filters

A K&N filter wins in these two major points. You can clean it at home to extend its effective service life, and is also easy to install and maintain. While most manufacturers recommend replacing an air filter every year or less in polluted environments, your K&N filter lasts the lifetime of your car.

The savings this filter gives you are immense. Not only don’t you have to replace it often, but cleaning is simple and easy. Just take out the filter from its black box casing and wash it clean. Alternatively, you can also use a high pressure air stream to remove dust and particulate debris from the mesh.


Improve Your Car’s Efficiency

Your car’s air filter impacts the engine performance directly. It determines how efficiently the engine burns fuel. A high quality air filter allows more air through (more air flow), which improves the efficiency of combustion and therefore more power.

You can get significantly more  BHP with a good quality filter. Motor Authority conducted a test to prove this, and were able to achieve 14BHP more in a Subaru Crosstrek. You can improve your car’s performance just as well, if not better, by swapping out your air filter with a performance K&N air filter.


Buy K&N Air Filters in Australia

Air filters are one of the easiest parts to swap out with a better quality aftermarket one. They are also affordable, and have a direct influence on your car’s performance and durability. Why wait? Make your car faster and more durable with top-quality K&N performance air filters from CarMods Australia.

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