Haltech is Australia’s top manufacturer of aftermarket ECU, ECU wiring, and other car electronics designed to unlock the potential in your car. Aftermarket ECUs like Haltech are the first safe, efficient, and incredibly effective ways of unlocking the beast sleeping in your engine.

Haltech ECUs are among the best in the world, having proven themselves on the track and in the street over and over again. They are designed for truly universal application and are compatible with almost every engine on the market today. 

Universal Aftermarket Haltech ECU

Your car’s stock ECU is almost always limited in the maximum power it can draw from the engine because the manufacturer assumes you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if you do know what’s good for you and your car (speed, anyone?), then a top-rated aftermarket ECU like Haltech is the best way to get way more power and speed.

Haltech ECUs are designed for almost every application. Whether you want to control a single-cylinder, supercharge a racing V8, or empower a streetcar, you can always find a Haltech ECU to fit your engine. 

If you want to upgrade your engine with custom cams, a turbocharger, or other custom modification, your stock ECU will likely not support the new changes. That is where you need a more responsive and customisable ECU like Haltech. Haltech ECUs can be fitted into vehicles with any number of modifications to give you maximum performance every time.

Haltech Plug’n’Play ECU Systems

If you don’t want to have to completely rewire your car, the Haltech Plug’n’Play ECU is a custom solution that lets you keep the factory harness for a truly easy-fix plug-and-play ECU upgrade. 

This is possible through Pro Plugin ECUs that connect directly to your car’s ECU without any need for prior modification. These are perfect for streetcars and even 4x4s with compatible harnesses.

Haltech also offers Elite ECUs with a special Plug’n’Play Adaptor that you can connect to most factory ECUs to enable a quick and easy installation process. So long as your car’s engine is compatible with the Elite Haltech series, you can get more power and a beast-level of speed with this easy fix upgrade.

Haltech ECU Wiring

For a complete engine swap or rewiring, you going to need top quality ECU Wiring, Haltech also offers a complete range of ECU cabling and wiring solutions including adaptor cables. This includes race dash wiring, loom and chassis loom wiring upgrades and replacements.

From universal wiring harnesses to engine-specific terminated harnesses, Haltech has universal ECU wiring solutions that can work with most of the popular engines on the market today. You can trust Haltech to bring you reliable, hassle-free, and compatible ECU wiring to upgrade your car to a true beast on the road and the track.

Haltech ECUs Australia

Upgrading your stock ECU is a sure way to safely and reliably draw more power and increased performance from your car. Haltech has been manufacturing world-class ECUs for the race and street vehicles for over 30 years now, making them the top option for your upgrade. 

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