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Your brakes are integral to the safety and performance of your car. While your engine provides power and your transmission distributes energy to your wheels and tyres, your brakes offer the damping and resistance that help to keep you alive. Modern brakes feature a number of components that work together to help to decelerate and stop your car when needed. Car Mods Australia (CMA) specialises in replacement brake rotor parts for car enthusiasts who want better modulation and more stopping power.

From the master cylinder through to the brake drums and brake fluid, everything needs to be in place to ensure a working braking system. Brake rotors, also known as brake disks, are an important piece of the puzzle. These parts are what your car's brake pads clamp onto to stop your wheels from spinning. Almost by definition, your brake rotors are just as important as your brake pads in terms of stopping your vehicle. While your rotors don't need replacing as much as your brake pads, modifications can have a more pronounced effect on your braking performance.

There are a range of brake rotors on the market, with some cars featuring drilled rotors and others featuring slotted rotors. Both configurations offer advantages over the other. For example, while drilled brake rotors help heat, gas, and water to escape from the rotor surface, slotted rotors are more durable and therefore preferred by many performance car drivers. At CMA, we stock a wide range of brake rotors and other brake parts, including a huge range of slotted brake rotors for maximum modulation and stopping power.

Huge Range of Brake Rotor Parts

We have hundreds of brake rotors and other brake products in stock at our Australian warehouse. Our brake rotor parts include slotted front rotors, slotted rear rotors, replacement outer rings, brake bundles, and replacement outer rings, among other parts. Along with brake rotors and other brake products, we also specialise in electronics, engine management, turbos and superchargers, suspension systems, exhausts, cooling systems, interior and exterior parts, oil systems, and fuel systems.

At CMA, we keep over 250,000 automotive products in stock at our local warehouse. Whether you need brake rotors, brake components, or something else entirely, our products are delivered across Australia using TNT, TOLL IPEC, and Australia Post. CMA is owned and operated by car enthusiasts just like you. We are more than happy to answer questions and share our knowledge about car mods, with our friendly and responsive team just an email or phone call away.

The CMA Difference

At CMA, our entire product range is reliable, affordable, and made for the car modding community. We keep a huge range of products in stock at our local Australian warehouse, so you can get exactly what you want precisely when you want it. Our online shop front functions as a stock control system, so you can always tell which products are available. If you buy the wrong size or type for your vehicle, our products can be returned within 30 days for a refund or store credit.

If you need advice about brake rotors or any other specialist parts, we're here to offer friendly advice and comprehensive product knowledge. CMA are the trusted car modification and performance experts, with our impressive range of products only matched by our friendly customer support. If you need to find the perfect brake rotors for your next modification project, please browse our extensive selection or contact our support team today.

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