Disc Brakes Australia

DBA (Disk Brakes Australia) has been manufacturing disc brakes and other brake components for over four decades. Thanks to its commitment to researching and developing automotive brake products, it has become a global leader in brake pad/rotor manufacturing and development.

In addition to supplying many dealers in Australia, DBA also exports to USA, Europe, Russia, The Middle East, and Asia. Most DBA products are designed to directly replace factory-installed/OEM brake parts without the need to make any custom modifications to your vehicle. The DBA disc rotors and pads cater to enthusiasts who wish to upgrade the performance of their street vehicles, and also to professional racers who need competition-level braking power. These brake products can also be used on towing vehicles, military/armoured vehicles, and off-road/ 4×4 vehicles. 


The DBA range of high-performance brake pads and rotors is the outcome of an extensive research and development program. The brake pads and rotors have been designed from the ground up, and they have also been thoroughly tested in real-life applications e.g. on the streets, on racetracks, and on off-road trails.


Brake Pads

The DBA brakes pads have been coded with color markings that show their different grades. Brake pads of a certain grade e.g. the 4000 Series are designed to match with DBA brakes rotors of the same grade. DBA also provides a disc rotor & brake pad reference guide on its website that can help you to a choose brake pads that best suit your driving needs.


Street Performance Brake Pads

The DBA Street Performance brake pads are designed for street-going cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Thanks to their higher quality materials, they provide improved braking performance over that of stock/factory-fitted brake pads. They provide solid stopping power and effective friction response, so they inspire driving confidence.


Xtreme Performance Brake Pads

The Xtreme Performance Brake Pads offer the next level of braking performance, providing higher initial bite consistency and greater stability in high friction braking. They are ideal for heavy-duty 4WD towing and for enthusiasts who have regular track days.    


Race Performance Brake Pads

The Race Performance Brake Pads are ideal for pro-level racing. They infuse both carbon fiber and metallic components and so they can handle higher friction levels and temperatures that exceed 630 degrees Celsius. 


Disc Rotors

Like the DBA brake pads, the DBA disc rotors are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to deliver dependable braking performance.


Street Series Brake Rotors

If you just want OEM-level braking performance or better, you won’t go wrong with the DBA Street Series Brake Rotors. These direct replacement rotors have EnShield technology that prevents rust, and they are also cross drilled and slotted with T2 bi-directional slots for enhanced grip.  


4000 Series

DBA’s 4000 Series single-piece disc rotors can handle higher friction levels so they are ideal for performance cars, 4WD trucks/SUVs, and light commercial vehicles. These rotors are made from high carbon cast-iron and include DBA’s Kangaroo Paw ventilation system.


5000 Series

DBA’s 5000 Series 2-piece disc rotors are designed to handle the demands of professional racing. They feature rings that blend high-carbon cast iron with high-strength T6061-T6 aluminum.


All these DBA braking products are available here at Car Mods Australia (CMA). CMA offers one of the largest selections of aftermarket performance brake parts and components in Australia. All these DBA brake products come with a warranty. We are offering them at reasonable prices so be sure to buy some for your car/truck/SUV/van. If you need help choosing DBA products for your vehicle, call us at (07) 5528 5801. 

1164 Products Found

1164 Products Found