Upgrade Your Brake System with High-Quality Brake Lines and Accessories

Do you want to get rid of that spongy brake pedal feel you get when braking hard? A stretching or swelling rubber brake line hose is likely to be the cause.

A braided brake line like the ones we have can remedy that. We at CarMods Australia have these, and many more aftermarket brake system upgrades at affordable prices.

Our faithful customers can attest to the quality and value of our products. Most vehicles have fixed metal brake tubes that run the length of their bodies, transferring brake fluid from their master cylinders to all four corners. Brake hoses or brake line hoses are attached to the ends of these fixed metal brake tubes; they carry brake fluid the rest of the way to the brake callipers.

A stock rubber brake hose serves its purpose well in average or moderate driving applications because it is made from high-quality rubber material reinforced with fabric netting. However, with time, rubber weakens with constant exposure to intense hydraulic pressure and high temperatures. This is why vehicles that haven't had their brake line hoses replaced in a long time can start to exhibit longer-than-usual braking distances and waning brake responsiveness. You won't deal with such again after upgrading to braided brake hoses.

A rubber brake line hose is unlikely to hold well in high-performance applications. Such applications' higher hydraulic pressure and temperature demands are bound to cause such a hose to swell, blister, crack, or leak before long. Therefore, if you have upgraded your car's performance or intend to take your car to the track more for racing or time attacks, you are better off with a DIY braided brake line kit.

Aftermarket braided brake lines are made using Teflon material which is more durable than rubber. It can withstand extremely high temperatures and hydraulic pressures. The Teflon is then encased in stainless steel braiding and sometimes wrapped in an additional plastic coating. Both protective layers prevent swelling and also protect the hose from damage.


CarMods Australia has a wide range of brake line hoses in different colours. All our brake hoses are guaranteed to deliver smoother, stronger, and more responsive braking. They are also ADR-approved, so adding them won't void your car's insurance.

When shopping, only choose brake hoses with the appropriate size fitting and hose length for your vehicle. Our modding specialists can also help you choose the appropriate brake line hoses for your car. Also worth noting is that it is easy to install a DIY braided brake line kit. The kit comes with all the instructions, and you only require simple tools to complete the installation. Call them today at (7) 5610 2123.


Are brake hoses universal?

Yes, they are. However, they are available in different hose lengths and size dimensions, so be careful to choose those that suit your car's specifications.

What precautions should you take when installing braided brake lines?

Before installing the brake lines, blow air through them using a foot pump to remove any dirt or debris that may have gotten into them. It is also important to use two spanners when fitting the new brake line hoses to their brackets; this will help to keep the brackets from bending. Another thing you should do once the new brake lines are in place is bleed the brakes.

Do braided brake line hoses make a significant difference when driving on the road?

When driving around town, it may be hard to notice the benefits of a DIY braided brake line kit. The difference is more apparent when engaging in high-speed, high-intensity driving, e.g., on a race track.

Why are rubber brake line hoses used in the first place?

Automakers prefer to equip their vehicles with rubber brake line hoses because they are quite flexible. Their flexibility makes it possible for them to function well even on vehicles of diverse types, even those with wheels that require a great deal of articulation. Rubber brake hoses are also more affordable to mass-produce than braided brake lines.

My braided brake lines have plastic mouldings over their end fittings; why is that?

Some manufacturers design their braided brake hoses with semi-rigid polymer mouldings over their end fittings to help relieve the strain on the stainless steel braids.

661 Products Found

661 Products Found