Air Oil Separator System

If you want to start racing your direct-injection turbocharged car on a regular basis, you will do well to get an air oil separator here at CarMods Australia for your car.

Oil separators help to separate the oil in your vehicle’s crankcase from blow-by. Blow-by is the air that leaks past your engine’s piston rings into your crankcase under pressure. Because turbocharged engines have more engine-cylinder pressure than naturally aspirated engines, they tend to have more blow-by; that pressure is even greater during performance driving. Your engine’s crankcase is also pressurized when driving, so the blow-by is bound to mix with the oil within it. Most vehicles use catch cans to remedy this, but catch cans only prevent the buildup of such aerated oil inside your engine's intake manifold. Oil separators go a step further; they separate the oil from the blow-by and reroute the oil back into your car’s oil system.     

Other benefits you get when you buy an air oil separator for your car at CarMods Australia include deterring oil recirculation in your engine cylinders and preventing detonation in engine parts other than the cylinders.


Explore Our Range of Oil Separators in Australia

CarMods Australia is a one-stop marketplace for all oil separator system products. Our selection of oil separators is vast. They are made by established, well-reputed manufacturers that always include the fittings, hoses, brackets and spacers required to correct installation. Also worth noting is that many of these oil separators have been tested to international standards. If you are not about which oil separator system to pick for your car, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. They have been selling air oil separators for many years, so they are pretty knowledgeable about them and the other oil system components your car may need, e.g., oil pumps, oil filters, oil coolers, oil sumps, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Do air/oil separators add horsepower?

Yes. When it injects the air, it separates from oil into the engine’s intake manifold. However, its key benefit is to extend the life of your engine.


Can you clean an air/oil separator?

Yes. Do it within a container to keep the washed-off oil from falling onto the ground. Use a low-pressure water hose to clean the spaces between the plates.


Are Air Oil Separators legal?         

They are not legal in California or states that adhere to California emission standards.

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