Established in 2003 in New Castle, DE, performance cooling products manufacturer Mishimoto has rapidly grown to a place of dominance in the global automotive aftermarket industry with international locations in Shanghai, London, and Sydney.

Mishimoto is run by passionate automotive enthusiasts who understand the needs of automotive enthusiasts. They also have experienced and highly innovative technicians and professionals who have designed and produced highly effective products. All Mishimoto performance cooling products come with a lifetime warranty.


Truck & Jeep Performance Cooling Products

When it comes to performance 4x4 cooling products for trucks and Jeeps, Mishimoto is well ahead of the game. They offer a full line of custom-made, robust, and highly durable truck and Jeep cooling parts that have undergone comprehensive testing at the Mishimoto engineering facility in Delaware, USA. These products include truck/Jeep replacement radiators with stronger 100% brazed aluminum cores, all-aluminum truck/Jeep intercoolers with silicone boots that feature Duracore™ technology, truck/jeep oil & transmission coolers  that considerably reduce engine operating temperatures, and truck/jeep oil catch cans that have enhanced filtering capabilities. Mishimoto also manufactures a variety of other truck-focused cooling system accessories like diesel intercooler boot kits, fans, radiator caps, reservoir tanks, couplers, and radiator hoses. All of these products are designed as direct-fit replacement parts, meaning that they will work perfectly with your stock cooling system fittings and connections. 


Race Cooling Products

Mishimoto also manufactures cooling system products that are tailor-made for race cars of different types. They help to maintain optimal operating temperatures under the hood even when the race cars are pushed hard, and so they inspire driving confidence. The Mishimoto performance cooling products include performance aluminum radiators, performance intercoolers, and performance oil/transmission coolers. Mishimoto can also build entire custom performance cooling systems that are designed to meet the bespoke performance cooling needs of your race car. 


Classis Car Cooling System Products

If you have had a hard time getting cooling system parts and accessories for your classic cars, you are in luck. Mishimoto also manufactures custom cooling systems for classic vehicles of different types, brands, and model years. These products are designed to match the specifications of the original cooling system parts, and so they are sure to fit perfectly. The Mishimoto performance cooling products include classic radiators, intercoolers, fans, shrouds, radiator hoses, racing thermostats, oil/transmission coolers, and many more. For the best value, try the Mishimoto classic cooling packages that offer a bundle of these cooling products at a discounted price.



You also won’t go wrong with Mishimoto’s Liquid Chill® cooling system fluids that comprise a synthetic engine coolant/antifreeze and a radiator coolant additive. Both products work well in extreme conditions.


MX/ATV Performance Cooling Products

Your dirt bike and ATV is sure to deliver better performance over longer periods with Mishimoto’s MX/ATV performance cooling products. These all-aluminum products are also TIG-welded for increased reliability and they also feature brazed aluminum cores.


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