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Driveshafts and gearset upgrades are just as important to consider as turbo kits, air induction systems, and clutch setups when boosting performance. We at CarMods Australia can help you get affordable yet high-quality drive shafts for sale that will enable you to achieve your performance objectives. We have drive shafts Australia for vehicles of different makes and models.  

A driveshaft transfers engine power and torque to a car’s drive wheels, so it sits between its transmission and its front/rear/center differentials. Most car manufacturers have balanced them to rotate at average speeds of between 3,000 rpm and 3,500 rpm. When you subject your car to a lot of hard acceleration (e.g., on the track) or significantly increase its engine power, you put a more significant strain on its driveshaft, making it vulnerable to breakage or failure. Therefore, if you want to thrash your car regularly at your local track or if you intend to bump up its power output by more than 100 hp, you will do well to order drive shafts Australia here at CarMods Australia.

We at CarMods Australia also have OEM driveshafts designed to the specifications of your stock driveshaft. Therefore, if your stock driveshaft is due for replacement, we can help. The following signs will help you know when to order a driveshaft replacement: intense vibrations, shuddering, or unusual noises while accelerating or driving casually.


Explore Our Range of Car Driveshafts & Gearsets in Australia  

Our aftermarket drive shafts for sale are available in aluminum or carbon fiber options. Aluminum driveshafts are lighter than OEM replacements, and they also last longer. You can count on most of them to handle power thresholds of over 800 hp. Carbon fiber driveshafts are pricier, but with good reason. In addition to being light and durable, they are safer and do a better job absorbing vibrations.

CarMods Australia also offers gearsets, driveshaft bearings and bushes, front/rear wheel bearing hubs, front/rear axles, axle/hub kits, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my car’s driveshaft stronger?

Yes. By purchasing an aftermarket driveshaft with a greater tubing diameter, tubing wall thickness, and U-Joint size.

How long do aftermarket driveshafts last?

They can last over 100,000 miles when well maintained.

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135 Products Found