For Subaru car/SUV owners who modify or custom-tune their vehicles, the default go-to source for performance parts and accessories has always been STI.

This is because Subaru enthusiasts know that STI’s genuine products will deliver significant performance gains without compromising the quality or integrity of their Subaru vehicles. These products, having been designed using the same expertise used to develop Subaru vehicles, are made to match the capabilities and potentials of those vehicles. For this reason, they deliver greater performance with remarkable reliability.  

Since 1988, STI (Subaru Technical International), the motorsports division of the Subaru Corporation, has been producing a wide range of performance parts and accessories for many of the Subaru Corporation’s road-going vehicles. STI has a great deal of experience developing road-going performance and all-out race cars for high-level competitions like the WRC. It applies all this experience and expertise to the development of its performance parts and accessories.

All STI performance parts and accessories are taken through all the paces to determine their strength and durability. They are tested extensively in extreme conditions, so rest assured that they will withstand your car’s high-performance demands.   

Currently, STI produces performance parts and accessories for the Subaru WRX STI, Subaru WRX S4, Subaru Levorg, Subaru BRZ, Subaru Impreza, Subaru XV, Subaru Forester, Subaru Legacy B4, Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon, and Subaru Legacy Outback.     





STI’s range of chassis/body performance parts and components varies depending on the vehicle. These parts include front flexible tower bars, front flexible draw stiffeners, front support kits, flexible support subframes, flexible V bars, subframe bushings, and many more.



STI develops a range of performance suspension parts that deliver sharper handling and improved control when cornering or driving at high speeds. They also vary depending on the vehicle. They include coil springs, struts, shock absorbers, lateral link sets, and trailing link sets.  



STI’s performance alloy wheel options can significantly enhance the look of your Subaru car/SUV. They are available in Silver, Gunmetal, or Black color options, and they also come in different sizes and designs. STI also offers STI cap valve sets, wheel nut sets, and security wheel nut sets.     



Your car’s aerodynamics play a big part in its overall performance. STI’s range of exterior accessories like front under spoilers, rear under spoilers, side under spoilers, rear side under spoilers, rear roof spoilers, dry carbon rear spoilers, trunk lid spoilers, skirt lips, and bumper canards will help to increase downforce to keep your car planted to the road at when cornering or driving at high speeds.



STI’s performance mufflers are designed to facilitate smoother and faster flow of exhaust fumes, so they will significantly reduce backpressure in your car’s exhaust system. This will result in increased performance and fuel efficiency. Also, these mufflers will add a deeper and more aggressive exhaust note.



Reduce your car’s stopping distances and enhance its braking responses by adding STI’s performance brake caliper, brake pad, brake rotor, or brake kit options. The STI brake calipers are STI-branded, so they will also enhance your car’s appearance.



The STI performance engine/transmission parts and components are built for high-horsepower applications, so they will surely add value to your high-horsepower project car. These products include performance oil filters, STI air cleaner elements, oil filler caps, radiator caps, gear shift levers, drive shaft kits, disc clutches, cover clutches, and many more.



With the performance-themed STI interior accessories, your car will look as awesome as it sounds and drives. The STI inner door protectors will protect the inner part of your car’s doors from scratches and scuff marks and enhance its look. The STI-branded shift knobs, steering wheels, pedal pad sets, and push-start switches will also inspire you to drive more enthusiastically.


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