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Improve the look of your car’s engine bay with a pod air filter from CarMods Australia. Our pod filters are available in a variety of colors and performance-themed designs. We at CarMods Australia offer these and many more engine mods for a wide range of Australian cars, vans, SUVs, and utes.

In addition to improving your car’s aesthetics, our air pod filters are also bound to improve your car’s performance. These high-flow pod filters will allow more air to pass through, enabling your car’s engine to breathe easier. As a result, your engine will mix more oxygen with its fuel to produce more horsepower. Your engine will also return higher fuel economy and deliver reduced emissions because there will be fewer instances of rich air/fuel mixtures in your engine’s cylinders.

Our pod filter kit options also come with reusable filter elements, so you can use them for as long as you own your car. You can wash and re-oil them when they get clogged. Also worth noting is that pod filters are ideal for modified cars with cramped engine bays because they do not take up much space.    

Explore Our Range of Pod Air Filters in Australia  

We have universal and vehicle-specific pod filters of different sizes and porosity levels; they are available individually or as part of pod filter kits. These kits include rubber/polyurethane flanges that absorb vibrations. They also contain stainless steel hose clamps that guarantee secure attachment to your car.

You can install them in 5-10 minutes and only need simple tools like a screwdriver.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do pod air filter elements have to be oiled?

It is important to oil its filter element after washing it because the oil helps to trap dirt and debris.


How often should aftermarket pod filters be cleaned/washed/re-oiled?

If you drive mainly on paved roads, you should clean your pod air filter once a year or every 12,000 miles. However, if you venture off-road regularly or drive on dirt roads, you should clean it more often.  


By how much does an aftermarket pod air filter improve performance?

Expect an increase in power output of 1-2 percent.

329 Products Found

329 Products Found