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When most people are in the market for handling-enhancing mods, they first think of lowering springs, coilovers, or anti-roll bars.

If you want to see substantial improvements in handling and driving composure, add adjustable control arms to your suspension mods list. We at CarMods Australia have all the aftermarket upper and lower arms your car needs to become the corner-cutting wonder you want it to be. In all, we have over 300,000 aftermarket automotive parts and accessories from time-honored manufacturers based here in Australia and on other continents. We have been serving Australia's on-road and off-road car enthusiasts with these products for years. 

Control arms are integral parts of a car's suspension system because they serve at points of connection between your car's chassis and its wheel hubs. Upper control arms connect to the upper-most parts of a car's wheel hubs, while lower control arms connect to the lower-most parts. Thus, they control the wheels' up/down and turning movements. Front upper/lower control arms facilitate a strong connection between the steering and suspension systems, stabilizing the front wheels and keeping them in sync. The rear lower control arms (along with the upper arms) are designed to control axle rotation, thus helping to restrict a car's back-end movement. Therefore, replacing a rear lower control arm can substantially enhance your car's straight-line performance and also how it handles twisty roads. 

For the most part, factory control arms are developed with cost savings and ride comfort in mind, which is why aftermarket adjustable control arms are bound to facilitate better driving dynamics. 


Explore Our Range of Car Subframe Arms Links Online in Australia  

We at CarMods Australia have fixed and adjustable upper/lower control arms for vehicles of different makes and models; we also offer rear lateral links, differential mounts, and other related suspension-bracing accessories. An aftermarket front or rear lower control arm is made from high-strength materials like 1020 steel, using a DOM (drawn-over-mandrel) manufacturing process that guarantees uniform strength even the seams and welds. They also come with more rigid greaseable urethane bushings that do a better job of controlling axle forces.

If you need help determining which aftermarket control arms and links to pick for your car, call our modding specialists at (7) 5610 2123. They will help you narrow your search to the most recommended options for your application. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there different types of control arms?

Yes. The control arms used in MacPherson Strut/Strut Type suspension systems differ in design from those used in double-wishbone suspension systems.  


What are the signs of a bad or failing rear control arm?

You should check your car's control arms when you start hearing banging, squeaking, clunking, knocking, or popping every time you drive over bumps. Bad control arms may also affect steering (making the car pull to one side) and cause uneven or accelerated tire wear and steering wheel vibrations. 


What are some benefits of our aftermarket lower arms?

Because they are made using tougher materials, they are more durable and can withstand harsher driving applications, e.g., autocross or other forms of endurance racing. They are also more compatible with replacement coilovers.  


What People Also Ask:


Is wheel realignment needed after replacing the upper or lower control arms?

Yes, you should schedule wheel alignment after upgrading any of your car's control arms. Because the new control arms will be stiffer than the ones they will replace, they are bound to change the alignment of the wheels. 


Adjustable or fixed rear lower control arms?

Fixed lower control arms are ideal for people who have no intention of tweaking or adjusting their cars' suspension setups in the future. So if you intend to add more suspension mods, e.g., a lift kit, get adjustable control arms; they will enable you to tweak the vehicle's caster and camber settings to suit your needs. 


How do control arm upgrades enhance performance?      

You can count on our fixed and adjustable control arms to reduce steering wheel vibrations and uncontrolled movement, making driving easier and safer at the limit, e.g., at your preferred race track. They also improve the ride quality and increase tire-road contact, facilitating quicker and sharper cornering.

2135 Products Found

2135 Products Found

Rear Reinforced Differential Mount (WRX/STi/FXT 08+)

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Rear Reinforced Differential Mount (WRX/STi/FXT 08+)

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Drop Boxes (Patrol GQ/GU 87-15)


Drop Boxes (Patrol GQ/GU 87-15)

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Rear Arm Ball Joint (Evo 4-9)

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Rear Arm Ball Joint (Evo 4-9)

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Rear Camber Kit - Hardened Rubber (Golf MK5/MK6)

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Rear Camber Kit - Hardened Rubber (Golf MK5/MK6)

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