Hard Race

Aftermarket performance part manufacturer Hard Race has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing performance chassis parts since 1998. Being passionate car enthusiasts themselves, the folks at Hard Race endeavor to develop parts and accessories that help both street and race cars to achieve unprecedented levels of speed and handling.

Their primary area of focus is reinforced chassis parts, which range from hardened bushes and engine mounts to anti-dust pillow ball suspension arms.

Hard Race has a research and development department that strives to build the most innovative performance parts and accessories using the most advanced technology and the latest and most-effective raw materials. Their commitment to delivering high-quality products has earned them global recognition. Hard Race is also committed to providing technical support for all their products. They have a team of certified and highly trained technicians on call.


Control Arms

The Hard Race control arms are designed to deliver better stability and quicker on-road response in hard-cornering or high-speed driving situations. They are available as non-adjustable OEM direct replacement control arms or as adjustable performance control arms. The adjustable arms come in four grades: Street, Performance, Racing, or Stance.  


Bar and Brace

Hard Race also designs and builds rear sub-frame braces for different car models. They help to stiffen up the chassis, reducing chassis flex in hard-cornering or high-speed driving situations. These braces are made from super-strong tubular steel, and they are covered with a high-quality blue powder coat finish.



Hard Race have also perfected the art of making performance suspension bushings.  These rubber bushings, pillow ball bushings, and body-reinforced bushings are more robust and more durable than factory bushings; they maximize handling and deliver a solid road feel.


Engine Mounts

The reinforced Hard Race Engine Mounts are great upgrades from OEM engine mounts. They are more robust and they incorporate specially-hardened rubber, and so they do a better job of holding the engine in place in fast cornering or hard acceleration/deceleration. As a result, you get to experience greater output and response during engine acceleration. The Hard Race engine mounts are available in two types:  the Street Series and Racing Series.


Wheel Hubs

Hard Race also offers larger wheel hub upgrades. They are made from ultra-strong steel, so they are stronger and more durable.


Roll Center Tie Rod Ends

The Hard Race Roll Center Tie Rod Ends are designed with a longer ball joint end to correct the tie rods angle for lowered vehicles. They are made from high-strength alloy steel for greater rigidity and durability. These tie rod ends are also CNC-machined using microprocessor controlled grinders for the perfect finish. 


Adjustable Sway Bars

The Hard Race adjustable sway bars deliver greater chassis stiffness than OEM sway bars, and so they improve handling, decreasing the feedback response time. They also reduce body roll and increase stability when cornering.


Other Hard Race products that you can get here at CarMods Australia include extended wheel studs, stabilizer links, super angle tie rods, and other accessories. We at CarMods Australia keep updating our stocks of Hard Race products so you’ll always get the latest ones here on our website. We have simplified the ordering process, and we ensure that the purchased products are delivered quickly. If you have any questions, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. 

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