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Since 2008, Torque Solution has been manufacturing performance aftermarket automotive parts and accessories for diverse performance applications, from street performance cars to full-on race cars.

Their products have widely used in high-level global racing circuits with great success, so they are worth the investment. The company’s initial focus was the development of billet engine mounts, but in response to a growing demand for more performance products, it slowly expanded its range of products. Being hardcore car enthusiasts themselves, the guys at Torque Solution endeavor to deliver products that yield tangible performance gains over OEM/stock parts and accessories. They are designed and developed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, using proven manufacturing processes and the highest quality materials.  

Here are some of the products that Torque Solution offers:



Engine Mounts:                         The Torque Solution engine mounts are made from high-grade billet aluminum, so they are way stronger than OEM engine mounts. These mounts incorporate polyurethane inserts and custom machined pins to ensure a tight, solid connection. 

Exhaust Mounts:                       The Torque Solution exhaust mounts do a great job of reducing exhaust vibrations and movement. They are fashioned from high grade polyurethane, and are ideal for extreme racing conditions. 

Rear Differential Mounts:          Unlike factory/OEM rear differential mounts that are made from rubber, the Torque Solution Rear Differential Mounts are made from solid 6061 billet aluminum. They tighten the rear end of the subframe, helping to reduce drivetrain power losses.  

Pendulum (Dog Bone) Mounts:  The Torque Solution Pendulum Mounts also help to tighten the driveline, resulting in the delivery of more power to the wheels. They are made from high-grade 6061 billet aluminum. 

Pitch/Transmission Mounts:       These mounts are made from high-grade 6061 billet aluminum, and they have been torture tested for optimum durability. 




Differential Braces:                   The Torque Solution Different Braces are designed to help reduce rear differential movement, which results in enhanced acceleration and throttle response. Made from 6061 Billet Aluminum, these braces are stronger than OEM differential braces.  

Brake Master Cylinder Brace:    These Brake Master Cylinder Braces help to reduce firewall flex when braking, which results in improved braking feel. These braces are designed to mount on preexisting brace holes.  

Rear Sway Bar Brace:               These braces improve chassis rigidity, enhancing the capabilities of your car’s sway bars. They are made from hardened steel. 

Steering Rack Brace:                 These Steering Rack braces help to improve steering feel and response. They are made from a Grade 12.9 Alloy Steel. 

Torque Solution also manufactures adapters/brackets, aluminum fittings, car antennas, braided race hoses, bushings, clamps, coolant hoses, deletes, fuel lines/rails/pump holders, boost cap/tap kits, rear toe link kits, plates, pulleys, silicone couplers and hoses, spacers, thermal gaskets, and much more. Most of these products come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are also vehicle specific, meaning that Torque bits always fit perfectly. 

We at CarMods Australia can hook you up with these amazing products. Our prices are quite reasonable because we are a licensed Torque Solution vendor. Also, we offer sales discounts and price adjustments from time to time, so you are likely to save quite a bit when shopping here on our website. If you are not sure about which Torque Solution products you ought to buy, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.  

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