HEL Performance

HEL was founded in 1985, and the company worked on hydraulic and marine solutions. It was called “Hose Equip” until 2000 when different owners acquired it. The company switched to developing performance fluid transfer systems and rebranded itself into “HEL.” 

From that point, the company grew steadily. Today HEL is the leading manufacturer of hose lines in the world both for cars and motorcycles. This company has made its way onto the global marketplace out of Devon, UK, thanks to quality products. 

Even though the company has had more success with their motorbike products, they offer the same quality for cars. 

HEL – Product Catalog 

HEL offers hose kits specifically made for thousands of different motorcycle models. Their products breathe quality, and this is because of their high manufacturing standards. All of the products include stainless steel fittings and stainless steel braided fluoropolymer to minimise corrosion. 

HEL also applies PVC coating to some of their products along with coloured stainless steel fittings. All of the products from HEL are made in the UK. This includes rigorous testing and quality standards. At CarMods Australia store, we have a variety of their products among 5000 of other performance parts. 

HEL Brake Lines 

HEL braided brake lines are an easy upgrade that makes a ton of difference on any vehicle. At the same time, their braided lines are very affordable. In terms of price vs. quality, HEL braided lines are unmatched. Their designs prevent hose expansion leading to consistent braking. 

Safety is Important 

Even though HEL braided brake lines are cheap, they are very valuable. This part of your vehicle is an essential safety feature. High performance requires reliable breaking. In these severe conditions, you need to have a quality product that will always give an effective stoppage system. 

Lifetime Warranty 

To prove just how good their products are, HEL gives a lifetime warranty for all of their brake lines. No matter which of their products you get at the Car Mods Australia, you will get a lifetime warranty. At the same time, they are street legal everywhere, so you don’t have to worry. 

Get HEL Products at Car Mods Australia! 

We are happy to be partners with the leading brake line manufacturers in the world. You can always expect to find the latest HEL products at CarMods Australia. We see this partnership as a testament to our devotion to giving only the best products to customers across Australia. 

Since we started in 2009, we always tried to find only the best for automotive enthusiasts in Australia. We are glad that some of the largest brands have given us their trust. 

Talk to our professional sales staff to assess your brake line needs. We are always here for you. Tell us what kind of bike you have and what you want to achieve. Our experts will find the right technical solution for your bike. 

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