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AEM was founded in 1987 by John Concialdi (J.C.) and Bob Sullivan as a tuning performance shop. With it's location in Compton California, AEM was embedded in the tuner market from the very beginning. It was a matter of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right technical knowhow. Between J.C. and Sullivan, AEM had two important advantages. Technical engine knowledge and massive creativity fueled by an unbridled passion to make things go faster. AEM has been a leader in the development of precision tuned induction systems since the Battle of the Imports. Today, the Company’s induction systems number in the hundreds. AEM is still the one to beat.

If your car is all stock (everything as it was from the factory floor), you are probably not getting as much performance out of it as you would like. Aftermarket parts feature better engineering and more performance than any stock parts. 

That is why you can easily make your car faster and more powerful by swapping your stock air filter with an AEM Induction system.

AEM Cold Air Induction Systems: Engineered to Outperform

AEM’s motto is ‘Engineered to Outperform.’ The company goes beyond the usual limitations of air filters to create a cold air induction system which is engineered from the ground up for top performance in demanding situations.

Why cold air? AEM cold air induction systems are located outside the engine compartment, where it draws in air at a lower temperature. Cold air has more oxygen, which translates to more efficient burning. In other words, you get more power.

AEM cold air induction systems are available in a wide range of designs, models, and configurations to fit vehicles of all types. You can opt for custom systems or the universal AEM inductions systems. Either way, you are guaranteed a huge boost in engine performance. 

World Class AEM Air Filters

Apart from improving airflow to the engine for more power, AEM air induction systems also come with world-class, washable, dry air filters to ensure that what gets inside your engine is clean, oxygen-rich air.

These filters remove contaminants of up to 1 micron in thickness, while most aftermarket filters clean particles of 3 microns or larger. With AEM induction systems and reusable filters, you can rest assured that your engine is safe and will have a much longer effective service life.

Get More Power, Fuel Efficiency, and a Quieter Car

An AEM cold air induction system is your ticket to more efficiency and a powerful car. The fact that it delivers more oxygen to the engine car gives you up to 20 bhp more depending on the car model. That is especially true if you add more aftermarket mods including an improved exhaust.

Let your engine serve you as well as it should. By swapping out your stock air intake for an AEM air induction system, you assure yourself of improved efficiency. Plus, allowing your engine to burn fuel better means the car is quieter and even gives you a smoother ride.

Buy AEM Air Induction Systems from CarMods Australia

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