Hella is one of the 50 biggest car part suppliers all over the globe. The company is based in Germany, and its massive production is behind hundreds of popular designs to improve your car's performance. The company specialises in accessories such as car horns, LED light bulbs, GPS, and safety equipment. 

The latest CMA offer currently has only four different horn kits, all designed to provide a clear sound that can capture the attention of everyone around. They produce a powerful sound that will make your car horn sound unique and recognisable.

Hella - Product Catalogue

Hella is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electric car accessories. Our current offer includes the entire Supertone horn kit line of products. The company is well-known for its super loud and clear horns that can be heard in the noisiest places like highways and traffic jams. 

As one of the biggest technological car part companies, Hella lights offers a wide variety of LED headlamps, including the world's first xenon headlamp with a glare-free high beam. Other popular products include radar sensors used for lane change assist, camera software, shake sensors, and many more. 

Hella Horn Kits

Every vehicle needs a strong horn as it can prevent crashes and raise driver awareness on the streets. Hella horn kits are one of the best options on the market today. They are unique and can provide a tone frequency between 300 and 500 Hz. 

The sound level of most horns is between 110 and 118 dB, making them a perfect choice when you want other drivers to hear you with their windows closed. They are very easy to mount, and they look great, no matter what model you get.

Hella Car Electronics

Internet connectivity in cars is a big thing these days. Hella offers a wide variety of new technologies designed for drivers who want to stay connected to the internet at all times. Their products allow you to fully digitise your car's functions and install sensors, servers, and control units outside of the vehicle itself. 

These high-end sensors include specific products for reading air quality, body control modules, shake sensors, closure control units, smartphone connectivity, and many others. See the full offer right here and get Carports with after pay today.

Hella LED Lamps

Aside from being one of the top car electronic equipment companies in the world, Hella also manufactures high-end LED headlamps for vehicles of all types. Their offer includes dozens of different innovative lighting systems designed to help drivers see better, and make sure that everyone else sees them at all times. 

These revolutionary LED headlamps provide optimum illumination of the road while increasing safety and improving the overall look of your vehicle. Other products include high-end body lightning modifications and indoor car lighting as well. 

When put in simple terms, Hella has everything you need when it comes to car electronics. Give us a call today, and our team of experts will help you pick the right Hella components for your car.

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