If you are in the market for aftermarket fuel systems and engine management solutions, you won’t go wrong with Walbro’s vast selection of products.

Walbro is a global authority in this field, serving the automotive/transportation, outdoor power equipment, recreational, and marine industries globally. It makes electronic fuel injection systems, carburetors, ignition systems, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, valves, fuel storage, distribution systems, and many other related products.

In keeping with its quality policy, it develops all its products to the highest quality standards, using product designs that undergo exhaustive inspection and testing procedures before being approved for mass production. Also, in addition to its center of operations in Tucson, Arizona, the company has ISO-certified manufacturing and engineering facilities in Mexico, Japan, China, and Thailand. Currently, it employs over 2300 employees globally.    



Walbro manufactures a wide range of fuel pump types, including pulse fuel pumps, reciprocating Fuel Pumps (FR Series), and rotary fuel pumps. It has also made a range of performance fuel pumps in partnership with TI Automotive (now TI Fluid Systems). These performance fuel pumps include:

Walbro 460:               This universal, in-tank Walbro fuel pump has a flow rate of 415LPH at 43 PSI. It flows over 700HP and is designed to be used with unleaded fuel and E85 flex-fuel.

Walbro 525:               This high-flow in-tank Walbro fuel pump has a flow rate of 470LPH at 40PSI. It is ideal for naturally aspirated applications and can flow over 900HP at 60PSI. You can use it with gas or E85.

Walbro 535:               This high-flow in-tank brushed fuel pump has a max flow rate of 490LPH

at up to 40PSI. It is ideal for naturally aspirated applications and can flow over 985HP at 60PSI. You can also use it with gas or E85.



Walbro manufactures carburetors for 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines and larger engines. They include stratified scavenge carburetors (for two-stroke engines), float carburetors (for single-barrel or two-barrel four-stroke engines), rotary valve diaphragm carburetors (for two-stroke or four-stroke engines), and butterfly-valve diaphragm carburetors (for two-stroke or four-stroke engines).



Walbro develops dynamic electronic ignition systems with both analog and digital ignition modules. They do a better job of controlling ignition timing and fuel delivery, thus reducing hard starts. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards.



Walbro fuel tank assemblies feature evaporative-emission resistant seals, ethanol-resistant internal hoses, hard-plastic fuel-pump flange assemblies, optimally designed fuel fill caps and vapor management valves, and more. Its fuel tanks also have multi-layer walls that resist damage and corrosion.



The Walbro’s Electronic Fuel Injection System, also termed EEM, is best suited to single or twin-cylinder small-engine applications. Its low installation costs, minimal sensor requirements, and improved output and fuel economy set it apart from the competition.

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