Without a doubt, aftermarket Electronic Control Units (ECUs) like those made by Link Engine Management are the way to go if you want to increase your vehicle’s performance and drivability considerably. Link Engine Management Limited is not new to the development of engine management technologies. It started in the early 1990s as the vision of three passionate engineers who loved tinkering with race cars.

They established the company in 1991 as the ‘Link Electro systems Limited,’ having released their first ECU, which they called the EMX. Three decades later, this New Zealand-owned and operated company is a global authority in engine management technology development, with over 1,500 dealers spread out in over 70 countries.


Link ECUs are purposefully designed for motorsport and power sport vehicles, so you can confidently use them in the most aggressive race car setups. In addition to producing aftermarket ECUs, Link Engine Management Limited also offers a wide range of engine management accessories like looms, cables, MAP sensors, temperature sensors, exhaust O2 sensors, inductive igniters, fuel injection accessories, boost control accessories, and many more.



The Link G4+ or G4X PlugIn ECUs can be used on road-going/street-driven vehicles and race cars. They are direct replacements for factory ECUs. Being plug n’ play units, they do not require any additional wiring. A Link PlugIn ECU will enable you to tune your car’s performance to suit your objectives, and it can also accommodate bolt-on performance mods like turbochargers or superchargers. Also worth noting is that Link Engine Management makes PlugIn ECUs for vehicles of different makes, e.g., Subaru, Holden, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, BMW, Nissan Skoda, SEAT, Mitsubishi, Mini, Audi, and Volkswagen.



A Link WireIn ECU is ideal for higher-level performance vehicles, e.g., those with a full engine swap for racing purposes. This type of ECU is a stand-alone engine management system that will connect with your vehicle’s combustion engine via a custom engine harness. Unlike PlugIn ECUs, WireIn ECUs require extensive re-wiring during installation. However, they provide the advantage of much greater control over the different aspects of an engine, e.g., boost level programming, launch control programming, flex-fuel and engine safety feature adaptation, and much more.

These ECUs are also available in G4+ or G4X options. The Link G4+ WireIn ECUs include the Xtreme, Korufone, Thunder, and Force GDI, while the Link G4X WireIn ECUs include the AtomX, MonsoonX, StormX, XtremeX, and FuryX. They all have the following standard features: data logging, flex-fuel compatibility, CAN protocols, limiters. Also, they are tuned via PC Link – Link’s widely accredited tuning software.


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