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Electronic components are integrated throughout modern vehicles. They play an important role in how your car functions, and offer valuable control and feedback while you drive. Car Mods Australia (CMA) specialises in electronics to improve your analysis and performance. From boost controllers and injection kits to electronic throttles and lights, aftermarket parts offer greater connection and control through the power of technology.

Your car is a complex machine that requires electronic integration for most processes. From sensors and cables to access ports and touchscreen displays, modern vehicles are increasingly defined by connectivity and control. We have an extensive range of electronics for all vehicle types, from simple cables and switches through to advanced interior displays and access port systems. CMA is the trusted solution for electronic car parts, with hundreds of quality products featured at all times.

If you want the ability to communicate with your car's computer, we have the electronics you need to plug in, monitor, and change default parameters. Access port systems give you the ability to change things like ignition timing, fueling curves, boost curves, and much more. We also offer a wide range of panels for the ultimate in dash feedback, including mounts, switches, and touchscreen displays. We take great pride in providing car electronic mods for car enthusiasts across Australia.

Huge Range of Electronics

We offer a huge range of electronics, including rain lights, fuel system fitting kits, thermocouple amplifiers, shop kits, injection kits, boost controllers, water meth kits, and power distribution models. If you need something simple to get you through to the next stage of a project, we also stock cables, connectors, and replacement parts.

Your electronic system is integral to almost every aspect of your vehicle. From controlling your engine and regulating your fuel load through to lighting your path and displaying your progress, electronics give you more power on the road through the act of connection. All of our electronic products are reliable, affordable, and produced to meet the demands of car enthusiasts.

Along with electronics, we also specialise in brakes and drivetrains, suspension, exhausts, cooling systems, interior and exterior parts, engine dress ups, oil systems, hoses and fittings, and fuel systems. CMA is your one-stop shop for electronics and other automotive parts in Australia. We have over 250,000 products in stock at our local warehouse, with products delivered across Australia using TNT, TOLL IPEC, and Australia Post at a competitive flat rate.

The CMA Difference

At Car Mods Australia, we provide a full range of automotive products for professional mechanics and car enthusiasts across Australia. If you want to buy car electronics, we have more than 250,000 products in stock from over 200 recognised brands. If you need advice or guidance to help you select the right products, our friendly support staff are available to answer all your questions.

If you want to monitor your car and improve your performance, electronic parts are a great way to gain more control over your ride. From simple mods to full-scale rebuilds, electronics offer valuable feedback and control so you can measure and tweak your vehicle. Our extensive range of products is only matched by our dedication and friendly customer support. If you're looking for car electronics online, please browse our extensive range or contact our friendly team.

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