PWR is one of the most recognizable brands in the global automotive cooling solutions industry.

It has worked with various automakers around the world to develop efficient and reliable cooling solutions, and it has also supplied high performance cooling solutions to world class racing teams in competitions like F1, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, and the World Rally Championship (WRC). PWR boasts one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in Australia’s cooling solutions industry that includes a CNC machine shop, a controlled-atmosphere brazing furnace, an R&D and design department, and a large fabrication department that integrates an in-house wind tunnel. 

PWR’s product line comprises PWR radiators, PWR oil coolers, PWR intercoolers, and a variety of cooling system accessories that include silicon hoses, t-bolt clamps, water pumps, surge tanks, thermo fans, power steering reservoirs, and radiator caps.




PWR performance radiators have been carefully handcrafted to ensure their quality and effectiveness. They are all made from hi-grade aluminum, and they also have thick cores and larger tube dimensions (PWR use 26,42, 55 and 81mm tubes). These radiators are welded together by PWR’s world class TIG welders. After the welding and fabrication, these performance radiators undergo extensive track testing in high-level competition environments like NASCAR, Formula 1, V8 Supercars, and drag racing.

PWR performance radiators are up to 30% more efficient than stock radiators.        




The PWR intercoolers can either be made to directly replace your factory/OEM intercooler or custom designed to suit your performance needs. Their tubes have a seamless rounded edge design, and they integrate 12 FPI (fins per square inch) with a straight through design. These design aspects help to improve heat transfer and increase flow, resulting in reduced lag time. The PWR intercoolers comprise Air-to-Air Intercoolers, Air to Ice Intercoolers, and Liquid to Air Barrel Intercoolers.


Oil Coolers


The PWR oil coolers are made through a proven brazing process in a state-of-the-art controlled atmosphere. Thanks to their high-grade Aluminum construction, these oil coolers have high corrosion resistance. They also have a plate and fin design that improves heat transfer and increases flow, resulting in low-pressure drops. These oil coolers comprise a 37mm engine oil coolers, in-line engine oil coolers, 19mm transmission oil coolers, power steering oil coolers, and in-tank oil coolers.


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