Cartek Motorsport

CARTEK Motorsports Electronics specializes in manufacturing motorsports electronics for both road cars and race cars. The company has been in operation since 2002. Today, it is a globally recognized brand with dealers in 24 countries around the world.

In addition to supplying racers and racing teams in different levels of motorsport competition, CARTEK also supplies car manufacturers.



CARTEK Battery Isolator

CARTEK Motorsport has been manufacturing Solid State Battery Isolators for motorsport applications for over 10 years. These Solid State Battery Isolators do not have any moving parts so they are sure to last long even under heavy usage. They are fully electronic, and they are filled with a hard-setting resin that prevents corrosion and damage that could be caused dirt or moisture buildup. These CARTEK Battery Isolators help to kill the engine when necessary, and they also disconnect the battery to keep it from being drained by the other electrical circuits in the vehicle.              


CARTEK Power Distribution Channels

The CARTEK Power Distribution Panel is both a power control unit and a switch panel. It is a customizable all-in-one solution to your racecar’s power distribution needs. It takes away the need to use all the separate relays, fuses, and switches that racecars normally feature. All of those functions can be incorporated into this panel with much less wiring, so it saves weight and increases reliability. The CARTEK Power Distribution Panel is available in 8-switch and 16-switch options.   


CARTEK Power Distribution Modules

If you don’t need an entire power distribution panel, you can opt for the smaller CARTEK power distribution modules. These are ideal for motorcycles and race cars with minimal onboard electrical circuits. Given that they have 4 x 10 amp outputs, they are perfect for powering ECUs, instrumentation, starter solenoids, lighting, and radiator fans.


CARTEK Wireless Control System for Steering Wheels

The CARTEK Wireless Control System makes it possible for you to have up to 8 pushbutton controls on your racecar’s detachable steering wheel.  This system comes with a universal-fitting steering wheel panel that integrates 8 pushbutton switches. These switches are linked wirelessly to 8 relays within the system’s relay control unit.


CARTEK Sequential Shift Lights

The CARTEK Sequential Shift Lights are designed to help drivers to know the optimal time to shift up a gear for the purpose of achieving maximum engine performance. The gadget is mounted on the dashboard and has 8 multi-coloured LEDs that light up in different ways at different RPM levels. This device also helps the driver to shift before the rev limiter is reached, and so it also helps to prevent engine damage.

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